Finally - my 14 trees - Merry Christmas everyone

lynnencfanDecember 24, 2010

I am posting a link to our trees rather than take up so much bandwidth here. Some pictures are really good and some are not focused very well - still working on the picture taking aspect of Christmas to get all the beautiful detail. I wish you all the most blessed Christmas. I have enjoyed visually visiting all your homes - every single one so unique in it's own way and so much talent here - thanks for the inspirations .....


Here is a link that might be useful: My Christmas trees and more

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Just awesome!!

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Oh WOW.....that tour was just incredible. I've bookmarked it to take a few more times. You have done an incredible amount of work and its all fantastic.
The family heirloom in that house Jimmy built is amazing,
and the way you've displayed it. I'd never want to take it down.
The lighting in photo 4 is so neat coming in the window on that tree. And that garland around the big rectangle mirror-shelf is really wonderful.

Your variety of trees, the beautiful ornaments, vignettes,
I just can't get over all this. I am going to be putting a bunch in our Inspiration album!

Thank you for a lovely start to my afternoon of trying to finish wrapping family presents. Ugh. Too many and I'm not a good wrapper. LOL. And I didn't want to be last minute doing it either. accckkkk.

hugs and wish I was there,

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Karen - feel free to use as many as you want - I would be honored - most of those trees are General Dollar trees bought half price after Christmas. I am learning how to change them up so they don't all have the same shape. The gold and silver one is stuffed with left over bits and pieces of garland to give it a fuller look and not so see through. I have so many ideas after looking at all the pictures here and all the 'blog' parties - my mind is spinning - I want Christmas ALL YEAR ROUND just for decorating :) .....


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Lynne, Your pictures and decorations are wonderful. I feel lazy with only one tree. I am trying to get my baking done and decided to sit down for a minute and there were your pictures to enjoy. Thank you for sharing.


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Your house can't help but be "Christmasy" with all those decorated trees! Whew! what a job to decorate all of those. I really like the cabinets your DH built for you and the way you did the garland around your antique mirror. Very festive looking home, glad you are having fun. Luvs

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Wow, all those beautiful trees, I know how much work it takes to do all those! I would love to be there in-real-life to take a christmas tour thru your home. I know everyone in your home was put into a holiday mood with all those sparkley trees!

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INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!! I am in AWE! Just beautiful! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Lynne, What a delightful tour. The trees look wonderful.
Where in the world do you find the energy to do all that work?

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Thank you everyone for your kind words. Obviously this is the season I live for - I usually start the week before Thanksgiving in rooms that don't have any fall decor and then go full tilt from Black Friday on.

Nana - I don't have to do a lot of gift shopping and wrapping so I can pretty much devote all my time and energy to decorating .....


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WOW! What a Christmas wonderland! I am lovin' all the nooks & crannies of vignettes ...everywhere! And you said 14 trees! Well, lynnenc, I'm seeing probably at least a hundred (in all your wonderful displays!) LOL!

Love how you used mirrors & windows, too!
I love the dollbaby on the pillows in the gold/silver tree vignette & that wonderful circular mirror on the wall with decor. Also your antique ornies are just PRECIOUS...that Santa & eggs.

That basket filled with pinecones, greenery, berries & that mosaiced birdhouse just CALLS to me! Love it! The white built-ins look very lovely with your to have dishes out where you can see them everyday!

Enjoy! enjoy! What a celebration! I've enjoyed your home immensely!
TFS! Jeanne S.

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Wow! It took every ounce of energy I have to do 3, I can't imagine the time that went into your wonderful trees and displays. Of course my pick is the pink one. How long do you leave them up?

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Thank you Frou - I will start taking them down the second week in January - the nature one on the porch and the bedroom tree stay up the longest - could be into February for them - just depends on my mood. I use to keep the angel tree up all year when it was a 4ft tree but at 6ft it takes up more room. I am looking for a slender tree and it might go into the spare bedroom which was Mom's room for so many years - there is room there and so many of the angels came from her anyway. That room will only get used about twice a year anyway as the family is all close by now .....


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Lynne, what a wonderful Christmas setting it must be at your home. I loved seeing all your beautiful trees and decorations. I would be over whelmed if I had to put all of this up and then take it all down and put it away. I hope you know I can appreciate all the time you spent decorating all of this and it's great. If I didn't work I would do so much more than I do. I can't get enough of all the


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Lynn..Your Trees are all just beautiful. Each one different and unique. I like how each one has it's own theme too. Love the Traditional/Vintage ones - right thru to the Cool Aluminum tree. I like that your trees are attached with memories of your
Mom and her decorations too. That's just priceless.
Even though I see all the work you've done putting them together, I also see 'A Labor Of Love' that's attached to each one.
I would love to sit there and enjoy all of them IRL!!
I'm so glad you shared them with us...


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