Thermador zoneless induction FYI

canuck82July 19, 2012

Hi all,

I just heard back from my appliance salesman regarding the thermador's zoneless induction. It will be available in Camada at the en of the month. It will cost a whopping $5800 CA. And the biggest downside: it will only work with a maximum of 4 pots. So it functions more like a 30" unit.

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Are you sure it's $5800 and not $4800? I was told by a Thermador distributor that it would be $5000 US when it was released. The limit of 4 pots has been known since this model was announced. We got the CIS365GB which has 5 elements and works like a dream.


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Heck, I can use 4 pots at once on my 30" - you're right, that's not very good for 36". I'm really disappointed. I thought zoneless sounded so promising. Maybe by the time mine dies, they will have come out with wonderful new versions.

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The deal with zoneless is that the pots do not have to be round and can be shuffled around on the surface.

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Pots don't have to be round with induction. I've used oval pots, as well as a long rectangular griddle on my cooktop. Works perfectly well. I can't shuffle them from element to element and retain the setting, but that seems like a very small issue to me.

The only advantage zoneless seems to have is that you have complete control over spacing of the pots. If I wanted to place 4 pots of 13" diameter or larger on my 36" cooktop, I probably couldn't. I can't test this because I don't own 4 13" pots and probably never will.


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AJ Madison is listing it for $4,999.00 right now.

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