Sleek kitchen ventilation

TattyCutsJuly 25, 2011

We are in the process of ordering appliances for the kitchen in our vacation home. We're going for a very contemporary, high-tech and unique design - along the lines of what's in the photo. The colors we plan to use are white, black and red (well, DH wants bright-red, I want burgundy).

To complete the look we want in our kitchen we are searching for "sleek" appliances. So far, we've found: refrigerator will be built-it and hidden (48" Sub-Zero), 36" Induction Cooktop (Miele - KM5773, 5 burners), built-in 30" wall oven (Miele - Masterchef H4000 H4882BP). We are looking for a vent-hood which would complement our kitchen style and "mesh" with the cooktop and oven. And this is where I need some help. I don't want to put in a hood that's going to be huge and boxy, but at the same time I don't want something that's "just for looks". I need something slim, good quality, but with a high power air flow. Any recommendations? My co-worker recommended this forum, and I really hope to get some advice. Thanks!

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Fori is not pleased

I don't know if it works worth a darn, but Best by Broan has a new line that includes a ceiling mount panel thingie. Their brochure/website makes me think they haven't actually installed it anywhere. :)

Also, Futuro Futuro has a similar one called "Skylight" but they won't grace my neighborhood with a showroom so again, I'm clueless as to performance.

If you would try out one of these models and let me know how it works for you, I'd really appreciate it!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How about the Zephyr Horizon? Very sleek, reputable company, and comes in all three of your palate colors, including bright red (plus both white and black in both plain and with etched patterns).

Alternately, there is the Miele DA2894, which is a classic "modern-looking" hood choice.

Neither of these will work as well as a deep canopy, of course, but they may work for you...

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fori, The skylight is out of my price range, although its definitely the perfect hood for my kitchen. I am thinking about calling the company to see if they are having any specials for that model but I don't think it would make much of a difference.

jsceva, the Miele DA2894 is gorgeous, but I was told to avoid angled hoods because the smoke will miss the filters and go back into the kitchen.

I heard about the brand Zephyr - the horizon is an option. I would need to run it by my DH and contractor. After looking through the Futuro website I found the "Razor" which I am in love with. I never heard of this company but it seems to have a lot of good reviews online. I will continue my search, hopefully the skylight isn't completely out of the question.


Here is a link that might be useful: Razor

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I have the Miele DA 2494 over the KM5773 cooktop. Works great!

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We have a futuro futuro hood and could not be more pleased. Ordered online and it came quickly (next day or two). Had nonstandard hookup and installer called the company. Adapter part was overnighted and company walked installer through the hook-up. Customer service is amazing. Love the hood and it works great! Not sure whether you are looking for a wall hood or island, but you might want to take a look at and see whether any of their options might work for you. Good luck!

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I went to a house to look at the newly installed kitchen when I was interviewing an architect for my kitchen design. They installed a sleek specialized ceiling vent-fan for kitchen that did not have any vent hood; a bit like what you have shown. The problem was that the round duct cover looked brown and greasy. It made their ceiling around the vent area also look brown and greasy. It looked AWFUL and dirty. The kitchen was only 6 month old!
You will be painting that ceiling with a very washable paint: which is NOT the flat type of paint. Not only that, you will have to budget time and effort to wash that ceiling on a regular basis if you to maintain that minimalistic clean look.

Unless you absolutely do not cook anything greasy or smoky AND you budget for painting the ceiling every few years, I would not do what you are proposing.

Futuro-Futuro is a company that makes beautiful looking hoods. Try that...

What about modernaire. (sp)

Here is a link that might be useful: futuro-futuro

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Fori is not pleased

Popup downdraft I guess.

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I have decided to spend the extra money and go with the hood that would really complete the style I'm going for, the skylight.
kaismom, I was also worried about that as well but as I understand the ceiling mounted hood would work as a ventilation system for the entire room and not only be concentrated on the smoke produced by cooking. The good thing is that I don't cook fatty, oily, greasy foods - so I think it'll work.

Unfortunately, the skylight is currently out of stock and the company is expecting it from 3-4 weeks (being shipped from Italy). I asked them to put me on a "waiting list" and they promised to let me know when it's available.

There's a lot of hype about this hood all over the Internet but there isn't enough information on its installation and performance, although the company itself has a good reputation. I'll post pictures and describe the installation process in detail after the project is complete, because I found a few postings from people interested in this ceiling hood but wary about the install complexity, and there's not too many people online that describe their experience (being a unique/expensive appliance). All in all, a big "Thank You!" to everyone who has participated in helping me with my search and I plan to be finished with the kitchen by February...ish.

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In case your Italian option doesn't work out...
Our modern kitchen has a window behind the cooktop, so we had to use an island hood for mounting despite the fact that it isn't an island. Arc by Zephyr is sleek low profile, and with the optional remote blower, works incredibly well.
When I accidently burned hamburgers (new induction cooktop gets instantly blazing) the hood pulled all the black smoke up like a tornado.

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Please post pictures or share your experience of your hood. Many people are interested in this brand and your feedback would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Tattycuts,

Did you install Futoro's skyline vent. I am interested in this. Have not found any reviews so far on it. So curious to know if you like it.


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Ceiling ventilation will only be effective (at grease and moisture removal) if it is large enough to capture the rising and expanding effluent. This requires a large area (perhaps 6 ft x 6 ft depending on ceiling height). The cfm have to be high enough for this area to match the rising effluent velocity at the hood. The MUA must replace the high cfm. Heating or air conditioning of the MUA is now an even bigger pain than with more modest flow rates.

But wait, there is more: A means to clean the unit is needed, but it will be a lot harder to reach up there. Standing on the cooktop is not advised. A temporary platform over the cooktop may be needed. The extensive baffle or mesh area will require many dishwasher loads to clean the filters.

The expansion rate of the rising effluent is extended by air disturbances -- cross drafts and motion by persons in the kitchen. This will lead to a dirty ceiling unless these two factors are minimal, and with the MUA needed for a large aperture like this, it would take a entire wall diffuser to keep the cross drafts down.

There is a commercial solution to this; the entire ceiling is perforated stainless steel. The space above the ceiling is a sealed metal plenum that passes the effluent to the exhaust stack. Internal cleaning is performed by intense ultraviolet within the plenum; I assume it is used when the kitchen is not occupied. Ozone would be exhausted by the ventilation. The grease that collects on the underside of the ceiling is not difficult to clean given a couple of low paid kitchen workers.


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I always get a chuckle from kas's "understated" reply whenever this Skylight ventilation system comes up on this forum. He's so much more polite than me when it comes to gently saying "it just doesn't work."

This was beated to death in a recent thread about this exact hood:
flush mounted ceiling hood

The brief summary is that for this idea to actually work, the hood would need to be roughly 7 x 6 feet in size. It's nothing but a vanity hood, designed to look cool without actually working. It will not exhaust the range adequately.

And, if I read the OP's comments correctly, he/she is thinking of using it not for cooktop ventilation, but rather as a way to do whole-room ventilation? Can't imagine a less efficient way of doing that either. We have an 1050 cfm hood vent in place, which works great, but it sure doesn't do anything to ventilate the entire room. For that, open a window or use a fan.

Shoot, if you really aren't concerned with properly venting the range, then why not just forget it entirely and spend the money on an upgraded range, or artwork, or a home theater?

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Sophie Wheeler

Spend that "found" money on a regular maid service to scrub the kitchen ceilings. And steam cleaners to get the smells out of the upholstered pieces.

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Did you install that Futuro ceiling mounted kitchen vent? If so, please let me know what you think? What cfm you went with, how high above the floor, whether you had the problems with grease on ceiling, effectiveness, etc? We have a difficult installation situation for which a ceiling mounted fan (probably the Best Cirrus 600 cfm) placed at 6-10" above floor seems the only workable solution, but I would love to hear from someone who has actually used one of these models. Thanks in advance.

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