Bluestar - cooktop vs rangetop

scotkightJuly 28, 2014

I will have a standard 36" rangetop in my house, just a regular cheap GE unit. I am considering having it replaced at some point in the near future with a bluestar unit.

The 36" bluestar cooktop looks like it will fit the same hole in the granite without any fuss.

The range top would require a custom cut of the granite and I think modification of the cabinet tops to make it fit.

Anyone used both? I think the only differences are the cleaning tray, extra burner and front vs top knobs.

No clue on price difference or cost to install... I'm guessing this is going to be a big issue. Love to hear your opinions.

Finally, anyone know if the new platinum features are available on either the cooktop or range top? Especially the grill/griddle... I honestly don't see that I would ever need to use 6 burners, but I do use my griddle all the time. A grill and griddle would be very cool indeed.

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I know the range top from BS tends to be thicker than most other brands on the market for a Range Top, so make sure that the thickness of it would work for your setup. I want to say it is around 11" thick, but that is just from memory. The cook top is also thicker than most other brands of cook tops from what I recall as well, so again, check the specs out before you commit.

I don't think they offer any of the platinum features on either of those, but I could be wrong on that too.

I have the 36" range top, 6 burners, and love it. One of the favorite items in the kitchen after the remodel. Super easy to keep clean and love all the power. We love having the extra space the 6 burners offers and we are not big griddle people so we just have a good (old) cast iron griddle from the 1950's I got off ebay. When not in use it is stored in the wall oven out of the way.

Best of luck.


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Bluestar has a Platinum rangetop line now.

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