Secunia won't open

lynnalexandraMarch 14, 2011

I have the Secunia icon in my system tray. If I mouse over it I see that I have a few insecure programs. If I click on it (or double-click), the screen begins to open up for a couple of seconds but then disappears before the content is displayed.

If I right click and select open secunia, the same thing happens.

Any ideas why it won't stay displayed on the screen? I am not having this trouble opening other programs from the system tray.

Thank you.


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Most likely the secunia program is broken someway. Rebooting may help.

Navigating to the Program files folder and looking for the secunia folder double clicking it and inside the folder see if you see the secunia.exe and double click to see if the program opens from that location, or try to open from the start menu. If none of those ideas work reinstalling may have to be done.

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Thanks, Zep. I tried rebooting - then going to program files and double clicking secunia.exe. Same problem. The screen looks like it's going to open up, but it doesn't load and it shuts down within a couple of seconds.

Should I uninstall this one first? and then re-install? I'm assuming that if I do a search here I'll come up with that link - but if somebody has it handy, that would be great.


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I would uninstall it first after it uninstalls, go back to the program files folder and see if it's gone. If not delete the secunia folder. Then reinstall it. The programs acting up it appears so I'd rather not install over it.

Current version: 2.0
Latest release: 10th Jan, 2011

Here's a couple links for secunia.

click Here

Alternate download link:

click Here

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I uninstalled Secunia - removed the folder from program files - then reinstalled from Zep's first link. Same problem. The screen starts to appear (the box with secunia written on the top) - but it disappears before loading.

Any other ideas?


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Not really sure Lynn. I don't use the program but I did install it from my first link I provided you. I was able to run it and got an 89% all abode products have issues ha ha..

What i usually do in that situation if it's only 1 program having an issue is as we did uninstall it, delete the programs files folder if it's there after uninstalling. I mean you could try it again, this time reboot before installing again. Or you could see if the program opens in Safe Mode just for fun.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

why not just use the online version
Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI)

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