Chrome hooks for Shower? (or mesh pouf hanging ideas)

rsoronenAugust 18, 2011

I use a mesh pouf in the shower, and want to add a chrome hook to hang it on. I need help! :) I don't know what is good to use in the shower or not, and I don't think that a suction cup one would work with my tile. Has anyone else found something that works, or a solution to hanging the pouf that I haven't found? I would really appreciate ideas on this.

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I have tile and I use one of the clear plastic suction hooks. Works fine, is unobtrusive.

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I put up two Command hooks in brushed nickel (a fake finish) in my shower to hold wet washcloths until they dry. They are GREAT and I would guess they come in a chromelike finish. No holes in the tile, no glue. I've had them for about a year and no problems with the moisture at all.

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I bought several extra of the single robe hooks that are part of the same series as my faucets (in my case, Jado New Haven) and placed them in various places, including in the shower to hold my mesh sponge. So you can match your faucets or use a hook made by another manufacturer like Ginger or Smedbo or one of the others that makes nice stuff. I think my hooks were $34 apiece online. Maybe a bit pricey but won't break the bank.

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writersblock - my tiles have a slight texture, and the semi-complex oxo suction cup hook I had in the pre-remodel shower doesn't stay up anymore. Do you use just a very plain suction hook?

olychick - thank you so much for that info! I had been wondering about those, as I thought they would be great to try out a certain position of hook before I commit, and if they end up working I could just be done with the whole thing. I'm not sure they come in a chrome-like finish, but I may try them anyway. :)

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nycbluedevil - did you screw the hooks right into the tile? I'm not totally opposed to it...but I admit it scares me just a little bit, with my pretty, untouched new tile walls. :D What do you think about using some of those shower command strips like olychick brought up to hang a hook that is supposed to use screws? Would that be a total fail?

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therenee, I have some that came in package of two or three from target. They're the kind where you damp the back, raise the hook itself before sticking them on the wall and then press the hook down to seal it against the surface. It doesn't seem to care if I'm over the junction between tiles or not.

Mine also holds a long-handled acrylic bath brush, which is quite heavy. I would say it falls down about three or four times a year.

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I forgot to say that I also use command hooks outside the shower (on tile) to hold my wet bath towels. Not what I intended but can't seem to commit to hanging the towel bars in the new bath. It was a temp solution, but I am so happy with them that I might not ever get a bar. They have NEVER fallen off and hold a soaking wet bath towel with no problem. I got the larger ones, but they have a smaller size that would work for your pouf.

Here is a link that might be useful: chrome hooks

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Yes, they get drilled right into the tile. No different from a towel bar or toilet paper holder.

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Thank you everyone! I'm hoping to get out and buy some final accessories this weekend. This info will help me a lot!

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Command makes water-resistant strips which I've gotten on Amazon. I have one hook hanging in my shower for several years now and have never had problem with it. You could use those water resistant strips with any of their hooks...


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Helene - that's exactly what I plan to do! :) I already have the strips (I also bought them on amazon) and have some small chrome hooks coming to me as we speak. Not sure how nice the hooks will look, but I'm hopeful!

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