Bath Decor

phonegirlDecember 19, 2013

I have the main bath decorated with purple again this year.
Hope to find more of these lg purple ornaments.

I had started setting up this holy family on my plate stacker
but decided to move it to the bath. DM's 3 side men on the
left and the holy musical family on the cross on the right side
are still in the utility room.

Here's a close up of the holy family. I added my baby
Hummel from a DF. Love these together and will try to
remember to do the 3 together every year.

Here's a close up of our over the door hanger. I turned
around so it faces out and decorated it.

Added picks w/berries and pinecones on the wall tree.
It's alot plainer but I like it for a change over BOP.

Below the tree sits our Silversmith's nativity.

Thanks for looking and I'll be back after DGD's Christmas program.


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I Your nativities are so beautiful ... I like the baby Jesus you added & also your Mom's 3 wise men....such detailed finishes!

Looks like you are busy, busy ~~ enjoy the concert! ~~Jeanne S.

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You probably know what I think of PURPLE.....
Love your decorations. Beautiful Nativity, and the Hummel baby is just so sweet and goes perfectly.

That swag in the first photo really caught my eye!!
And the big ornaments are neat in the floral piece.

The wall tree looks lovely. Had to chuckle tho, great minds think alike. I put a small tree in my Dad's old room and just decorated it mostly with the red berries and a few ornaments. Really liked the simplicity this time.

hugs, Karen

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What a nice idea to put a nativity on the tiered stand for elevation. Your three kings are very handsome, and very clever to use the Hummel baby for the Baby! It works!

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Thanks for the comments. I'm going to try to stay focused today on cleaning! Saturday will b for candy, cookie making. Then Sunday will b a shopping day to finish all the last minute gifts we need. Back to work Mon., Tues. If all goes well, should b ready to celebrate Christmas on Wed. then back to work Thurs., Fri.

This is where the scary part comes. Time to change out all the Christmas with snowies after that!LOL Not sure where time has gone but it doesn't WAIT for us. Hope all of you are ready to celebrate a Merry Christmas.


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Oh, man! I've got to get some decor in my bathroom too. You've inspired me.

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So pretty,Punk.
I love that shade of purple.
The Nativities are lovely.
My bathroom is small I really can't do much in there.

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Thanks for looking and your comments OA and Nana. I
had NEVER thought about decorating BOP until I joined
here! Pretty fun to see all the bath decor now.

Be sure and share if you decorate yours OA.


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