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eandhlMarch 9, 2012

To the best of my knowledge I changed nothing. On the right side of my task bar is the notification area (near clock) - For 3 1/2 yrs my F security suite icon has been there and suddenly today it is missing. Under properties - customize it is "show icon & notification" on F Secure Suite.

Charter has been no help, they say it is my Windows settings. Win 7 and Firefox. Anyone offer any advice?

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If you have restarted your computer & it didnt come back... you might try a couple things.

1;; Install ccleaner if you dont have it & make sure the item for 'Tray Notification" is checked before running the cleaner.

2:; If this just happened, you might run System Restore for yesterday.

But before I did too much... Think I would see if i could visit www.malwarebytes.com & www.superantispyware.com . Perhaps install & update one or both & run them.

Many times a virus will disable your anti virus & security programs & often too will not allow you to visit security websites nor install or run any program like I have mentioned.

Check for virus first may be a good idea.

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I do know the antivirus is running, just the icon is gone. As scheduled it ran a complete scan on Wed and the usual at start up. I will run malwarebytes. I thought of a restore to see it comes back, thanks.

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Did you check to see, if it is really there, just running as a hidden icon?

Be careful, if you run ccleaner. Make sure you dont run the registry option. Good Luck

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Being afraid of ccleaner I did a restore and the icon is back. Thanks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I also am now giving a word of warning on using ccleaner it has gone through changes and is a much more robust program than it once was. I personally am no longer recommending it as a simple cleaner I go with ATF instead we have been seeing some issues after novices used CCleaner with out instructions or tutorials.

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Not arguing with you RC, but I personally am not seeing nor am I having contacts voice displeasure with CC. As it has always been, it's users who get adventurous with the application's ability that may create a concern.

I am still recommending CCleaner as long as it is used in its default mode, and the use of the registry tool is only by informed/experienced users.


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Wish you could say what part of Ccleaner settings is hurting peoples computers. Be nice to know. I'm sure many would want to know what checkbox to beware of.

I install ccleaner on many computers with teamviewer & yes sometimes when I do go back.. I will see they have checked every box it has ... if I ask why.. I'm told out of desperation to hopefully fix the problem they have. But I've never seen it hurt any computer.

Even the reg cleaner which I use always. Reg cleaners all have a secret that people dont understand. You cant run those after an uninstall or fresh install.. without a couple of boots first.

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No sure who your asking Mikie.

If it is me, as to the cleaning I only have had reviewed negative readings or been contacted by users who have tinkered with the CC System settings or the Advanced settings. The registry tool usage guidance is common knowledge and self-explanatory.

Personally I have never had any trouble with any function of CC on my systems or any that I have worked on.


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