What do you think of this problem with our foundation?

sungreenJune 19, 2012

We're building a 2 story house with a walkout basement. Framing was to begin this week. My husband kept commenting that the house foundation looked like it was down in a hole. I emailed our contact with our builder to ask how things were going. I just heard back, and it turns out they poured our foundation 1 foot too low. Apparently, our plan called for 8 foot basement walls and they dug for a 9 foot walled basement and someone noticed it didn't look right and on checking, it wasn't.

He said they are going to add 1 foot to the foundation so we will now have 9 foot basement walls and it will raise our ground level up to a proper level. He said everything will be fine this way. I trust and like our builder, but since I don't know anything at all about this topic, I thought it would help me to see what the people here think.

Do you think this will be okay? Should I be worried it can't be properly done? Any opinions are welcome. Thanks!

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Sounds like you just got an extra foot of basement walls for free as it was the builder/foundation guy's mistake. Wooo-hoooo!

I would think this happens a pretty good amount of the time and the foundation guys will know how to handle it properly, but it never hurts to educate yourself on how it should be done to ensure that it is indeed done right.

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I agree, good deal.

I would NEVER build an 8foot basment, 9 or 10 is the only way to go.

Did you think of how cramped it would be when you finished it, at only 8feet to start?

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Umm, not me.

If 8ft basement ends at the ground level, or below I would be concerned with water leaking at the seem....

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I would ask how this effects your drainage plans.

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Funny, in a build I did a few years ago, the surveyor gave the excavator the wrong cut--too shallow by a foot. My faith in the surveyor overcame my common sense and I didn't increase the pour height. So the basement walls had to be heightened. I chose to raise them two blocks, about 16.5" overall. This was on top of a poured foundation. But whether poured or block, it's not unusual to add height. The blocks may have to be anchored with rebar drilled into the foundation and the topmost course has to be solid or filled.

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