problem with IMAC attachments

abbey_cnyMarch 27, 2012

I recently got my first mac computer, and am loving it, but I am running into a problem when I try to send an attachment to anyone. They cannot be opened. I have IWORK on the computer, which I thought was supposed to convert the attachments so I could read anything sent from a PC and vice versa. I was originally unable to read any attachment sent from a PC until I added IWORK, and now I can, so I know it is working for stuff I receive, but it doesn't seem to be working the other way. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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It would be helpful perhaps if we knew the 3 digit extension on the file name. Or is this for more than one kind of file?

If you were sending a .jpg image there would/should be no problem but if you are sending with a Mac specific extension then PC users would not likely be able to open the attachments.

I am not a Mac user but am trying to assist my sister who has bought an iPad2 having never owned a computer before so the going is tough.

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Hi owbist, I am sorry but I don't know the extension it was saved under. When I pull it up in my documents it just shows the title of the form, and not the file name. How would I find the file name? That certainly may be the problem if it is automatically saved with an mac specific extension. I will try and figure out what the file extension is but it anyone has any suggestions on how to find it I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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I have some further info which I hope will be helpful. I tried saving the document with a ".doc" extension, and I got an error message saying I had to use ".pages" extension. The pages is apparently part of the Iwork program. So is there any way for me to change the extension name to something that is PC friendly that will still allow me to save it in my mac?
Thanks once again.'


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You might try to save the document as an RTF (rich text format) file. This way any word processing program should be able to open it. Failing that use .txt but that is quite primitive really.

Never really understood why RTF is not used more making cross platform acceptance so much easier. All to do with money no doubt.

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