Cost of Frameless Shower Door

pepsigirl60August 11, 2005

We are in the midst of selecting a shower door for our master bath. Our contractor brought over a sample size door that we thought would work well, seemed like a good product. I have asked him a number of times for pricing and he hasn't been able to give us the price. Yesterday he told me how much it was going to be which is about $700 over our allowance (an allowance of which I felt was pretty good). So my question is: are these doors really that expensive. Do we really need a frameless shower door. What is wrong with a framed shower door?

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I am not sure how much just our door cost, but the glass for the entire shower (materials and installation) was 2400. We got the glass/installation for our shower from a glass company and from what I have read on this forum it's usually cheaper going this route than going with a plumbing or bathroom supplier. I even had the glass company check a couple of his suppliers and brought the cost down (by going with a different type hinge) by about $800.

I don't think there is anything wrong with a framed shower door, it just comes down to what you really want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We just ordered a frameless shower door for $900 and a framed shower door for $400

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You could use your dimensions on or Wilson Glass ( think you'll have to call to get a quick quote) to get a material price to compare.

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I just picked up a Keystone "Architectural" design door from Home Depot that is great (Insured for a lifetime -- just call customer service with any problems and they send you parts) and cheap.

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We just bought a Basco frameless shower door from a local plumbing supply store. $500 and my dh installed it himself in an hour.

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To those with sub $1000 pricing - what are your dimensions and where did you get it? My local glass supplier wanted $2400 for a a relatively small neo-angle shower in what I would call semi-frameless - 3/8 inch thick with a bar across the top of all panels (2 - 2 foot panels and a 30 inch door). I think eshowerdoor wants $1400 for supplies alone. I will probably go with them but I hate the thought of something being wrong and having to ship it all the way back.

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I have a 3/8" thick tempered enclosure (2 sides glass). One side is 4'w x 8' high, other is 6'6"w x 8' high. I have the heaviest duty (and therefore most expensive) hinges because the door is 34" wide, plus there's a working transom over the door. Installed price = $1600. (That does not include the handle, which I purchased elsewhere and they installed.) Other quotes ranged from $2500-$4000. Most all glass companies use the same supplier (CR Laurence) for the hardware. FWIW, I priced it out on, and it was much higher (although I did order the real chrome glass channel from them, and they are very nice to deal with.) Shop around, look for small glass companies that are maybe not in the best part of town, and you'll probably find a huge savings.

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Wow, Jill_77. Your bathroom is gorgeous!

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We are installing a frameless bathtub door that we bought from Lowe's. The glass is very thick and it's a really nice door for the price (I think it was around $500). The hardware is stylish and substantial. For me this door was plenty nice, but I also think it depends on the budget you're working. Our bathroom is mostly slate with maple cabinetry, and Memoirs toilet and sink. The total for material in our bath was $4k, but that's a diy price.

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Jill, interesting--thanks. I've got a quote from glasss (Wilson Glass), but nowhere else yet. I'm thinking either that bifold screen not to the ceiling or a slider to the ceiling, with the slides mounted in the ceiling and in the shower surround (probably Swanstone). I'll start looking around in less expensive areas on Monday :)

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Jill, I love your tile!!! Can you tell me what it's called, where did you get it and also what did you use on your floors. It's pretty much the look I'm going for. I've been struggling for months trying to find a tile that I like and low and behold you have what I'm looking for!! I certainly would appreciate it if you'd let me know.

Also, are those little tiles much more expensive than 6 x 6's or 8 x 10's??

Thanks so much!

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if you follow the link below, I've explained where most things came from in my own posting

Here is a link that might be useful: Jill's bath

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I want to throw in two cents here (waaaay more than what it's worth btw)...

I see a lot of $500 "frameless" shower doors. Be very careful what you pay for as a "frameless". Frameless doors are very expensive for a reason -- the glass of course is one reason... but that glass does not have a thick metal header support or lots of metal framing it.

I've see lots of showers called "frameless" that are anything but.

In all honestly, I got a great deal from a local glass shop and I'm the most avid online shopper around. They came out and measured the space, and found out where I wanted the glass to start and stop, and had to custom cut it for that space. Eshowers and Wilson online are great places to see examples of it, along with a few of the folks showing pictures above.

Remember, if you are seeing lots of metal tracks and frames, it's not* frameless. You pay way more for not having all that metal obscuring your pretty shower. A metal header would have totally obliterated any view from outside the shower of my decorative band of glass tiles.

I got several quotes for the shower glass, including $2,500 from an expensive glass place in the city, and two sources online from $1,800 to 2,000. I went with a small local shop that has been around a long time and it was $1,200 installed including two extra tiny shelves for another area. Lesson? Shop around.

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We got a prefab one for $650, I'll let you all know if it comes crashing down, ok?

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I just had a quote done for our shower door and the local glass company gave me one price for 3/8" and another for 1/4". The 1/4" option is MUCH cheaper. They said that the 1/4" will not hold up quite as strongly to use but would work. Should I go for the 1/4" or not? Pros and cons?

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3/8" is standard for strength as well as aesthetics.

we used 1/2" starphire glass. the extra thickness makes it look substantial and the starphire is very clear (does not have the green tint).

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Were your glass doors installed without screwing the edges into the curb? I need to be able to advise my installers that they should not be placing screws into the shower curb.
Thanks, salbwil

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almost $2000 for mine just installed. it has about 1/2 inch between the door and LEAKS water everywhere. rain head btw, so it's not like there's water directed right at the door.

the company says they can put something on the edge of the door so it won't leak but I think that would look terrible and I feel like I paid all that money for a look.

has anyone else had this problem?

fyi: mine is a 3 by 3 foot neo angle.

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Our bathroom is only 5x7 and I was just told the frameles shower door will be at least $1400 (yikes!). Trying to think of a workaround.

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My bathrooms are very tiny as well. I am putting a shower stall in one and a tub/shower combo in the other. I love the look of frameless doors but the cost is really outrageous. Also will the swing of the door be a problem in a room that is only 87 x 56

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Bridget Helm

What a beautiful bathroom, Jill! I LOVE it!

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I have two comments and one question.
Comment-1: If you have a 1/2" gap at your door, it was not properly installed.

Comment-2: Shop around. Expo uses a company that offers the ultra-clear glass (really not much of a difference unless you see it side-by-side with standard glass). With Expo it is over $900. as an upgrade. Dealing with the company directly, it is only!?!? $450., watch out for the inflated mark-ups.

Question: How can you possibly mount a frameless door without drilling into the curb (and walls)????

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arbor, are you allowed to share the name of the company that Expo uses?

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Ours was $850 installed from a local glass shop. Got 3 quotes, they were all around the same price. It's a very basic 25" wide 3/4" thick one-panel swing door, but we had them make it 80 inches high since the shower head was particularly high. It's a very small room, so having the door clear and unbound was important to us.

Bottom line is that they aren't cheap, but they have a pretty big visual impact on the room.

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youngdeb, I assume you mean 3/8" thick? They usually run 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" (usually considered "top of the line"). Mine (78" tall and 3/8" thick crystal clear glass - about 30" wide) was $1230.

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Good Lord yes, 3/8" not 3/4". Can you imagine?

Sorry 'bout that!

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Just saw your question(sorry it took so long). Yes, they screwed into the wall and only glued to the curb as per instructions of Kerdi shower people so no water would have a chance to follow screws down into the curb itself. I've been using my steam shower for over a year now and love it .........and not having worries about leaks.

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Take a look at this site. It may help with any Q & A you may have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower door Q & A

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has anyone found a standard gap between the shower door and the glass panel? I here 1.4" is a standard (ours leaks), and I have seen where it was 1/8th. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Don't bother looking at the disguised ad above ... they don't even sell the kind of shower doors the OP was asking about.

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I've visited several glass stores in my area and found that Wilson Glass is least expensive. Their quote is $631.38 for a 48" x 72" opening (frameless, a 24" door and a 24" panel, 3/8" clear, hardware included). One store that sells Cardinal shower enclosures will charge $600 for a framed configuration with 1/4" clear glass.

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We are wanting to use river stone tile for the shower floor & want to carry it over the curb. Is there any way a frameless wall & door will work on the uneven surface if the pebbles?


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"Frameless" shower doors are a highly unregulated product. By code shower doors only need to have 3 things to meet code. Be safety glass, door has clear opening of 22" and that the door open out allowing a 22" clear opening. A lot of contractors do what ever the customer wants regardless if it is safe or not and still meet code. The International Code Council had been trying to improve the way these doors are installed. The link below is a list of items experts believe will help standardize the industry and make it safer for the owner of these doors. Gluing the glass in is not safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: ICC Shower Code

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Shower Door pricing for a 3/8 frameless is around $35 a square foot. This is a big mark up for a relatively easy job so I started my own company and I charge $25 a square foot. Go to and we give you the prices and tools you need to get the real price you should be paying. No other company actually gives you the price because they want to sell you anything for the highest price.

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