Salad's On If You Care To Join Us (Heavy)

phonegirlDecember 2, 2012

Hi Gang, here's a preview of what's going on in our home at the moment. Still sooo much to do. 30 totes later, the salad's made so please join us for a lite lunch while you browse.LOL These dishes are some I picked up this summer. I will be doing more tweaking with most of this as the week goes on. It is a good feeling to have this much out tho. As for today my plan is to get outside and try to light things up.

Doesn't the plate look lit up?

Don't forget to bring out the Santa pictures. I will be changing this up and replacing the cloth ones with some of my collection if I find them this year.LOL

White santa and sleigh will not be on top of the fridge this year so I could use silver garland.

Used more mesh ribbon on the top of our roll top desk. If you haven't used this before, it's wonderful. I picked mine up at Costco this year.

This is our tree from DF's. I tried to give it a modern look. I still have the christmas balls that df used on it but will share them later with all of you.

Sure hope I haven't scared all of you with my preview pictures! As all of you know tho, I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go tomorrow for another week!


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WOW!!!!!! I don't even know where to start - I love it all - it looks like a showroom of Christmas goodies. I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with the mesh ribbon - in so many places it is OVERUSED but I do like how you have incorporated it - it enhances your decor and doesn't overwhelm the other greens, ect - very very nice. Can't wait to see more .....


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Marlene Kindred

I am sitting here with my mouth wide open!!! WOWZER!! You have been one busy woman......Can't believe all of your wonderful Christmas decor...SO many pretty things! Are you available for hire??? I could use some of that energy of yours! What a beautiful job Punk!

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Ok, I don't believe it! You put me to shame! I know that the 'elves' are out in CO today!!! You couldn't have filled all those china cabinets & decorated all this in ONE DAY!!! LOL! punk, you are the 'energizer bunny!' I envy your spirit!!!

Where to begin? Well, those Santa's w/the mesh ribbon & the potted pines, ornaments on the desk top really call to me! The 'sp-ikey silver trees' on top of china closet w/that BIG Santa are lovely!

I can see a couple nativity in that new CC, too...maybe you can share close-ups later as you 'tweak.' And you did a t'cape to, I do like those dishes, the Santa's, the trees & the white compote for centerpc. You definitely have COLOR this yr, punk! Very hip!

Ok, I could go on & on...but I know you'll tweak & share it! Jeanne S.

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Lynne, I will share more pictures when I finish. Is it the full mesh w/o garland that you don't care for? I was thinking about adding poinsettias to the one on top of my vintage china cabinet. It's great to have you back joining the fun. Have you been busy making goodies yet?

Marlene, I'd love to hire out to decorate for others. Maybe in my next life.LOL I did have a position and was in charge of decorating for all the parties. It was so fun spending someone else's money when the sky was pretty much the limit.

Jeanne, I was up till 2 am both nights. It won't be that late tonight with work tomorrow. I plan to share close ups when I get things finished. I have 3 nativity sets to share this year. Not sure what I want to add to the displays for them. Maybe some spanish moss.I'm going to try to go out and get some garland and a few more totes and do alittle more this evening.

Thanks for your sweet comments ladies. You sure know how to make one feel good.


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Punk - thanks for the welcome back - you have Jeanne to thank for that - she nudged me over on FB - I had gotten so tied up with FB, Pinterest and various blogs that I got away from my original source of inspiration but I am back now :)

As for the mesh ribbon - it more when it is used all by itself and it is made really poufy - I go to a Pottery/warehouse place and they have a huge floral department and the wreaths are EVERYWHERE - overkill IMO - lol

as a result of looking at your pictures I added some mesh ribbon to the garland that separates our kitchen/dining area from the family room. Next year I will add the mesh to the garland BEFORE I have my hubby hang it but bless his heart he worked it in for me. I am going to try and get some pictures in the next couple of days .....


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You make me feel like a sloth...LOL...truly amazing display. I know I'm repeating myself, but I love seeing all of the creative displays on this forum.

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WoW Punk!! You've been on a roll!
I have no one certain favorite thing, there's so many pretties.
I'm loving the white Santa on top of the cc though. He looks like he was made to sit there. Fabulous all the way around!
I agree with Lynne about the over use of mesh , however it's one of those things a little packs a nice punch and goes a long way. Color me sad though, I wasn't able to find it anywhere here locally this year so didn't get to use it. Blah... lol
Get some rest woman, you've certainly earned it.

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Oh Lynne, you added mesh after seeing mine. How sweet, that makes me feel so good.

Fun2BHere, we are all enablers. I have such a busy schedule that I don't have any other choice if I want to keep up. So glad your here with us and appreciate your comments.

MM, I have more pictures to post and will be heading back to work in the morning. Some times DH doesn't like to stay home with me cause he thinks I work him to hard.LOL

Thanks ladies for the sweet comments.


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How the heck do you do it??? You got ALL that DONE that FAST?! You can't be a mere human, you're a robot, right? Or the Energizer Bunny in disguise!

I don't even know where to begin, and I've looked at all the photos several times. Its overwhelming how much there is to see and ohhh/ahhh over! Needless to say, I think its all so wonderful and festive and pretty.

hugs, Karen

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Wow! I would luv to just spend a day wandering around your festive home and taking in every sight. But you might have to keep a close eye on me cuz I sure would like to sneak that white sleigh and santa home with me.

You must be an ultimate packer for the off season, none of the trees or wreath look the least bit crushed. I need you at my house after Christmas.

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Wow oh Wow Punk...looks like you've been adding
High-octane to your coffee again! lol
I can't believe what you've accomplished in such a short time..and it all looks amazing. I think you can charge
admission to see all your wonderful displays.
So many to see too. You decorated your new cabinets beautifully. I love the silver display with the Santa and
I'd love to be sitting at your table looking at the beautiful display on your buffet..In fact everywhere you look is a beautiful site.
I think your DF's tree is so nostalgic looking and it's so nice that you put it up to enjoy.
Has your DGD seen it all yet?
I think she won't want to go home because it looks like Santa lives there!! lol
Loved looking always...YOU are amazing!

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Karen, I think it's harder to stay caught up on the posts than it is to decorate! I was so tickled tonight to see you decorated your kitchen and posted. You have so many neat things, it's a shame to not share with all of us so we can enjoy.LOL

Decorcrzy, your Welcome to come over any time. I've had that white santa and sleigh for years. I have so many totes and try to pack accordingly. However, I'm no different than all of you and things always need fluffed the next year.

Jane, please come over and see us. I'd love to see how you would display things in our home. You have such great TASTE! DGD hasn't seen our home but she should have Christmas break so she can spend a few days with us. Seems like we're always running on the weekends. With her in school now, I don't get her during the week much.

Thanks so much Kare, Decocrzy and Jane. Your comments are so sweet and I always enjoy reading them.


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OMG. Wow!! I'm exhausted just looking at your pics.

I love all the little pretty.

Was planning on getting up from here and getting some more done but I think I need to rest after looking at your work. ; )


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