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swest2_gwDecember 17, 2011

After enjoying everyone's posts, I'm inspired for next year. (Can't start too early!)

Next year's Christmas wish list or "What I have learned from this site":

1. To remember the reason for the season.

2. More plaid!

3. Scrabble tiles and other game pieces for projects.

4. Instead of a cookie swap, Christmas decoration swap with leftovers going to thrift store. That way no one goes home with *treasures* they don't need or want.

5. Idea binder.

6. You can never have too many lights/decorations/DISHES.

7. Love fake snow. (I also use epson salt with fake snow for more shimmer.)

8. Christmas decorations do not have to be red and green.

9. Make a collage from old Christmas album covers.

  1. Keep "watching this space" for great ideas.

Oh, had to share this with you. Son is 27. I was going through some old pictures and ran across his letter to Santa when he was about 6. He wrote, "Dear Santa, How's your wife?....." It cracked me up now just as much as it did 21 years ago! Also found Christmas card DH made for his mother when he was 6. It was a mitten he cut out of construction paper with cotton glued to it. This card is almost 60 years old. Fun to look through all of the treasures. I'm going to frame both for next year and use as part of our decor. Maybe use pictures of them with Santa along with letter/card.

Any ideas turning around in you brain for next year?

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Oh fun, swest! Making a list & checking it twice...", are ya! ;-) A good list, too! TFS!

Love the memorablia you found of your DH & son's ...that would really be cool framed!

Yup, ideas are always churning...& it's fun to see & hear so many great ideas! Nothing in particular yet for me...I'm still on 'overload' for this yr, I think! ;-)

except this old wood window box that DH & I made this Fall & I've collected things to use in it...after-Christmas sale on the Old World Santa ...& I didn't find a place to put it this yr (where I liked it put anyway) maybe next! LOL! Jeanne S.

Here's where I first tried it on the porch but it didn't work: (the greens & brass rocking horse are not in place yet in this pic...nor the old ornies):

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Your list is great. I have all I can do to get everything on my list for this year done.
The letter your son wrote to Santa cracked me up.

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Oh, I LOVE your list! And what fun. Like you, my mind is already making notes about "next" Christmas. (tho fat lot of good my notes for THIS one did me. LOL) Back in Nov. I compiled a list of what I had (trees, collections, etc) then I looked at my albums of my past decor, and of course our infamous Inspiration album. I started a private album on Photobucket I called 2011 Christmas Planner. In my euphoric optimistic state, I even did an album of Christmas crafts to make! Oh how organized I felt when I did these things. But somehow, between my mind, body, and Battle of the Bins, I'm not too sure I did much from my grand plans. LOL, guess that means they will still be good for next year, huh?

I think your son's letter is just darling and framing it is such a wonderful idea! And the card when your DH was a little boy. These will make a great display, and with photos of them with Santa! Now why didn't you think of it this year? LOL. My best advice is Notes...lots of notes. And a note to remember where you put the notes!
hugs, Karen

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swest2 you are definitely on the path of becoming a true 'Enablers-R-Us' - love your ideas for next year. I am taking tons of pictures this year including pictures of the contents of bins with numbers indicating each bin when I pack things away - I simply HAVE to get control of all this stuff. Maybe ONE day we will all be organized - lol .....


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After I retired, I sorted through all of our Christmas decorations and put them in 48 large plastic bins, labeling the bins as to content as I went along. Then I stacked them 4 deep and stored them in an alcove in our garage. Fit beautifully, they were organized, and labeled. I knew what we had and where it was. I was so proud.

One day this summer while I was out, my husband erected a metal shed in our back yard. He combined as many bins together as he could and then packed (and I mean packed) them into the shed. I had no idea what was in there or why he did that. Needless to say, he was so proud.

Moral of the story, friends, don't think you can fool the Gods of Christmas by being too organized!

P.S. I really couldn't be too upset with him because he was trying to be helpful. That came later when this summer he asked me to sort through the Christmas decorations so we would know what we had. I didn't.

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S, sometimes husbands just really shouldn't "help". LOL
But at least he tried....
men are very trying I find. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Ha, ha, ha! We have been together for 36 years in January so I'm used to his *help*. At this point, you just shake your head as you realize in the big scheme of things it really doesn't matter.

I think BOTH of us should go through everything this spring. Our summers get into the triple digits, with high humity, so won't do it then.

Who knows, we may actually get rid of something! (I can see him *trying* to pry an ornie out of my cold, dead hand with me screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". Ha, ha!)

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My hubby bless his heart put up our outside decorations one day when I was gone all day - to my horror he didn't fluff the wreaths before hanging them on the windows and also proceeded to use garland that was specifically cut to size and had loops already on them for hanging that I used inside. I really had to button my lip and not say anything because he is so good in just about every way I can overlook some things. I did mention about a week ago that I had 'gotten' a really neat idea for tagging the garland so we would know where to use it and which pieces went where since we store all the garlands in trash cans. He thought that was a cool idea ;) - you just have to love em' .....


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I am so inspired too, by all your lovely decorations and ideas!! My New Years resolution is to get better at the computer and learn to post photos, and try to get my decorating up to speed before I have the nerve to post.Also your sons letter made me laugh, then brought tears to my eyes, recalling my sons Christmas letter the year he was 6. Dear Santa, I want a dog, like yesterday...I had no intentions of getting him one, but that letter...Went to a pet shop, walked out 3 times , kept coming back, but on Christmas Eve brought Spot home for him, he was like the Marley dog, a world of trouble, but so loyal and dearly loved for 14 years.....Happy Holidays to all, you have given me a lot of joy looking at your creations!!!!

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Lovin the list!!
You still have several days left for this Christmas too!!

I actually decorate after Christmas as I add the new items I have bought on clearance so they will get put away with the decor where I want them for the next year.

Fortunately, my DH knows not to touch any of my Christmas decorations, unfortunately, he thinks that also includes helping with the decorating for the holiday! LOL


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Sounds good to me. I don't have time organize more but love the thought. Fun to read about your ds's santa letter. Enjoyed this post.


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Lynne, good idea about tagging the garland...but be sure YOU do the tagging! LOL

Dotz, you don't need nerve to post, or worry about your decorating being up to speed! We're all friends here, sometimes more like family. And seeing all the differences in each others decor is part of the fun. Doesn't matter if a person is a minimalist or over-the-top decorator, its ALL good. Just learn to post photos... we kinda crave them on this forum. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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