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Suzi AKA DesertDanceJuly 8, 2013


Not only are we remodeling everything in this house we just bought, including the kitchen, we have all these unfamilair new appliances! All Kitchen Aid. Never had that brand before, but they match.............

My son was in heaven on the 4th, cooking on the new induction! He's singing it's praises to my grandson, and I still can't figure it out.

Warning! Do not get all new appliances when you have just purchased and are remodeling a home. Doubt I will ever know how to work this new stuff...

I do know how to operate the microwave and the Traeger Jr smoker.

I miss the knobs!


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Anytime you get something new there is a learning curve.
Don't worry in 2 weeks you will be a pro.

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I am not sure I agree with you at all, why can't someone buy all new appliances for a new or remodeled home? I just remodeled my kitchen and got everything new. I took the time to read the manuals and everything is very easy to use. I would say take some time and read before posting something negative that really doesn't/won't apply to most people.

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Get your kids to help you!

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Years ago my friend and I were microwave shopping. Our criteria was: we had to figure out how to use it in the store without a manual. We turned one on, then couldn't figure out how to turn it off, so we left the door open and slunk out of the store.

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So to BPATHOME, it just proves that you need to read the manual, not everyone thinks alike and if you don't read what is written how can you ever learn to use something??

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