A Christmas tradition - picture

oakleyokDecember 21, 2011

Before my MIL passed away this year, she would always give the women in the family an Amaryllis kit. We all just loved it!

This year when I was trying to figure out what to give the women, I remembered the Amaryllis. So I'm carrying on the tradition my MIL started and when I'm gone I hope my DIL does the same. I'll talk to her about it. lol.

Of course I bought one for myself and planted mine over a month ago. The pot and soil come with the bulb. I searched hi and lo to find some online that weren't expensive because they can cost a lot.

I need a new camera lens because the picture doesn't do the plant justice. It's 22" tall from the top of the pot to the tip of the flower.

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How pretty! And what a nice tradition to continue. A friend gave me the 'kit' last year and it was my first time to have one of these. Flowers normally hate me, but mine bloomed well for some reason. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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How long do they usually last? Don't know much about this particular flower. Lovely Christmas flower.

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S, I think they can last a couple of months. I've had them in the past but they didn't bloom profusely like this one is.

I figured out why. These need a LOT of direct sunlight. This plant gets about 8 hours sun...longer if I wanted to leave the shutters open.

I also think once the stalk is "spent" then you cut it off and it can encourage new stalks with blooms.

I'm going to check into see if we can grow them indoors in the summer because I know they'd die in my garden with the excessive heat.

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Here in NC we can leave the Amaryllis in the ground all year round and they do very well. In this picture there is an orange one in the closest bed (not a very clear picture of it) and in the far bed there is a beautiful red one

close up of the red one

We bought them every year also - have not done it as much now that we can have them bloom so well in the summer .....


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