Need help in selecting a dishwasher

XaviJuly 31, 2013

We need help in selecting a dishwasher. I currently have a Samsung refrigerator so we decided to purchase a Samsung will be delivered later this month so I have time to make a change. Other than having matching appliances we selected the dishwasher because it was quieter at 49 decibels, comparable in price to other brands that were at 51 decibels. But now that I have done additional research I find that the Samsung DW has negative ratings as opposed to Kitchen aid, Kenmore or Bosch...paid $680 for the Samsung DW.
Anyone have suggestions for us? Help!

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Bosch Ascenta DLX Series SHX4AT75UC is $624 and rated at 49 db.

Appliances that use both electricity and water are far more complex than those that just use electricity.

And a dishwasher is one of the more complex appliances.

Samsung has very little experience in dishwashers only starting manufacture in 2006.

Bosch has been making dishwashers since 1964. Having said that all brands have some lemons but some more than others.

I would get a comparable Bosch like the one above.

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It seems everyone is more interested these days on how quiet a dishwasher is more than if the thing actually cleans dishes. That should be your number one concern, and you can get a feel for what a particular brand or model does from talking with a good repair person. I don't think any of the new ones are particularly loud anymore.

I was steered towards one of the KitchenAid KUDS30 series and after replacing a control panel and the broken adjustable rack within the first two months and waiting for parts, I was disgusted and had the thing taken out and we put it in the barn. I washed dishes by hand for 3 months. Since I cook from scratch I generate a LOT of dishes so my husband put it back in to get me by for a while. It has been doing satisfactory. This was the only brand and model series a large appliance store suggested I get as it had the least complaints.They sell all of the various brands. Flimsy parts are not unique to just Kitchenaid these days.I do like that it has the built in food disposer.

We just bought a nice vintage Hobart built KitchenAid dishwasher that we are going to restore back to pristine condition. I don't care if it's a little will actually clean the dishes, and do it in less than an hour. In fact, I am going to buy a few of them as I find good ones. I don't want a new one again.

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I am very interested in clean dishes.

And one that does not waste an obscene amount of water and electricity.

Since I have plenty of dishes I am ok with washing the dishes overnight.

That is why I chose Miele. Super quiet is a bonus. But that seems beyond the price range of the OP.

If you don't mind dated styling, water and electricity hogs, and hunting for parts on ebay when necessary then a vintage KA may be for you.

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I still see alot of Hobart Kitchenaids in daily use in homes today. Those things are indestructable (and speedy, too). They didn't change the basic design much over the years, so parts are still easy to find, as are complete working machines on Craigslist. Old Maytags with the porcelain tub seem to hold up well too, except the vinyl racks that always have worn off somewhere leaving the rusted metal beneath exposed on the top or bottom of the pegs.

For new machines, the recently introduced Bosch dishwashers with the deeper tubs and racks (front to back) look great. You can get a 44db or 46db model without gettng into the expensive ones now, The basic design remains as before with a few improvements, which means they should clean well.

For the

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I don't think you can go wrong with the Bosch D/W. It's the brand I recommend to all my customers and what I have in my home.
Quiet, top marks in cleaning results, what else would you look for?

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Kenmore Elite is nice too but agree Bosch is a safe bet

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I liked my Bosch dishwasher because it had the stainless steel tub, the condensation drying method, and was quiet.

What we didn't like was that all of the water did not drain out of the bottom and got stinky and stagnant after a couple/few days. Plus it seemed if you did not open and put away the dished immediately, they would get mold spots.

With only 2 of us in the house, we did not actually run the machine very often. If you do a load every day or so, you may never realize the issue.

We ended up either leaving the door ajar, or running a 'rinse only' cycle to keep fresh water in the tub.

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Usually if you have water left in the bottom of a Bosch D/W it is because the installer never put a high loop on your drain line. The only water left in the d/w should be less than an inch all the way down in the bottom of the sump under the filters. If you have more that that it's generally because the high loop isn't there.

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Thanks everyone you've been very helpful, I still have about three weeks to decide...does anyone have a positive experience with Samsung DW?

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