Candy Stripe Table.

oldalgebraDecember 21, 2010

Here's one of my two Christmas Eve Tables. I'm still working on Number 2. (I discovered yesterday, after a return visit to the doctor's, that I have pneumonia. I am now on some wonderful drugs and recovering already.)

Luvs, remember the dishes I bought when we shopped the downtown area? I'm using them for the first time. I needed two more and went to Pier One to see if they still carried them. They did, but the centers were red, not the white that I had. At first I was bummed - but then I decided that I kind of liked using the red centered ones at each end of the table.

Anyway, here's the latest.

Oh, everyone, do check out the directions for the chargers. They are so cute in real life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Cane Striped Tablesetting

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What a cute table, but yet elegant! Love that red glass. So sorry to hear you have pneumonia. I had it in college, and all I can remember was how sick I was, and how long it took to get my strength back and I was 20 then!! Don't do too much. What a trooper, still doing Christmas eve?

Again, beautiful table.


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OA, what a beautiful/cute table. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything red & white striped or checked, but have a hard time finding either around here.

The plates are great & I also love the napkins, it all goes together so well & really sets the mood for Christmas.


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Besides the dinnerware, I love the linens...the red stitching on the napkins is perfect with the plates! And also like the look of the red centered ones on the ends of the table. So pretty & festive, OA...what fun for Christmas Eve. Happy to hear you've got some meds to help you...that's hung on too long! Hope you're feeling back to your ol' self soon! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Really love the look...The black chargers really set it off...

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OA, the plates look great! I love that they have the wavy edges too. I agree, the two with the red centers are perfect for the ends. I had saved that charger idea from Tatertots and Jello too--thanks for letting us know the chargers are on sale at Michael's now. I've always loved the red/white candy cane effect for Christmas, so this table is just perfect to me! Take your medicine and try to get as much rest as possible too. Merry Christmas!


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OA, I am so glad to hear you are recovering, pneumonia is not something to mess around with.

Your Candy Stripe Table is absolutely wonderful from one end to the other, and top to bottom! Who wouldn't love this table! I bet you get a lot of raves over it.

hugs, Karen

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OA, Your table is STRIKING!! I love the candy cane striped candles. It is a delight to look at. You are so talented. I'm sorry to hear you have pneumonia, I had it back in the 80's, spent 5 days in the hospital. It took a long time to get my strength back.Take care of yourself and try not to overdo it.

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Your table is lovely. I think those chaulk board chargers are super cool, I'm adding them to my "want to do" list. Please take care of yourself, this is an terrible time of the year to be sick.

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OA, this table is just beautiful too. You are able to do this and have pneumonia? I sure hope you don't try to do to much until you are much better. We'll wait!

I just love it every time I see you've posted another table or added to your blog. Great idea on these chargers! They are so cool. Oh, back to your beautiful table. I LOVE All Of IT!!!

You and Kathleen are going to be having so much fun together.


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Marlene Kindred

What a delightful table! Elegant but whimsical too...just love it!

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