any problems with spills through to cabinet, or wear to surface?

curiousreaderJuly 27, 2012

Please forgive the repetition here. This is my second post.

I just posted almost the same questions under the "favorite induction" thread.

As I choose among the different 36" induction cooktop models, should I be concerned about spills dripping down around the rimless Thermador, the Bosch (rimless too?), the rimmed Miele or the rimmed GE?

What about wear to the edges of the rimless model(s) or on the stainless rims/edging on the rimmed models?

What about wear to the controls and to the other printing on the surface?

Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s. What a great forum this is!

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My KA rimless induction cooktop has been operational for about 11 months, and I see no evidence yet of anything dripping underneath. Unfortunately, I haven't had it long enough to judge how the printed on stuff or edges will wear. I do clean it carefully. So far, it looks just like new.

I chose rimless because I wanted fewer edges for gunk to collect in, less to clean.

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