Please recommend good quality tub/shower trim

live4everAugust 2, 2012

We're doing a bathroom remodel and in the design/sourcing stage. The style is a blend of modern and traditional so we are still flexible on exact style of fixtures.

I'm having trouble locating a high-quality affordable tub/shower trim kit. It seems that many of the major manufacturers use metal-plated plastic, and nothing is worse (to my wife) than something that looks like metal but feels like plastic. Sometimes product reviews help when customers either state that a fixture is solid, or high-quality, or if it's plastic and cheap-feeling, but for many models, that information is lacking. The selection at local stores is lacking so we haven't been able to touch too many of these.

Anyone have recommendations for good quality, mostly metal trim kits? Budget is around $250 with valve. Looking at a Danze kit (D500058T) as that's one that reviewers feel is good quality, but hoping for some other options as my wife isn't in love with the tub spout on that model.

Thanks for your suggestions and help!

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We have Moen tub/shower trim along with Moen faucets in all of our bathrooms. It is very good quality and they have great customer service too.

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