dial-up customer needs help

dahlia6March 29, 2011

I live in Western Maryland mountains. There is nothing available here but dial-up service. I have had earthlink ISP for several years but they are getting weird. Example: Recently they have put my daughter-in-laws e-mails in SPAM. This after years of she and I having the same e-mail addresses. I have spoken to reps about this problem and they assure me it will be corrected but it goes on....now 4 nmonths. There are other small new problesms too. Any suggestions for a more reliable ISP?


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Have you looked in your Address Book to be sure her address is there? I had that problem with a couple addresses and that was the solution. If there are addresses you definitely don't want mail from, be sure to take those out.



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

spam filters are triggered by words so if she is using any words in the email that would trigger the filter it may think it is junk mail, I have had that happen. Each time it happens be sure you mark it as not junk and move it back to the inbox.

As to other providers have you checked out any of the ones that use Cell towers? If you can get a good cell phone signal then you can likely use that type of online service.

do you have decent cell phone reception?

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I had that problem in my (server's) online email account, my mail was going into the spam folder on line and never reaching me. I went in and deactivated the filter or something like that. it didn't happen again.

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Along RC's cellphone thought.

I live in rural America and my home is in the county's Bermuda Triangle. No cable,no DSL, poor DUN at 5kbps. Admittedly my cellphone is not as good as the rest of the county, but its reliability is reasonable.

Several months ago I enrolled in their new 3G Internet network which created a wi-fi secured network in my home. The service is great in the morning, but diminishes through the day. Even at its worst it is 20-30 times faster than the antique DUN. I am regularly working with their representatives and engineers to resolve the drain, and make the network more reliable in my area. They lay claim the efficiency is due to land topography, and an unexpected demand for the service. I can't argue their claim.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I belonged to a Yahoo group and was getting their Digest Messages a couple of times a day. I was no longer reading them so I was just deleting them without opening them. After a while I wasn't getting the digest or anything form the group. Come to find out, because I had deleted so many emails without opening them, that the Hotmail filter started blocking them.

Now I am very careful about opening things that I don't want to end up as Blocked...for example Sears 'Specials' that I seldom take advantage of, but still want to receive.

Could it be a similar situation with you?

Have you thought about maybe getting a NON ISP email address, like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail? Then if and when you switch providers, you don't have to keep changing your email address. Though I've had several providers over the years, I've always just used Hotmail, and never the email provided by the ISP.


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What a nightmare it is signing up for ANY group through yahoo!

I get 100's of emails a week from two groups and no matter how many times I have 'un-subscribed' .. I still get the emails!

I rarely use yahoo mail because of that!

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no matter how many times I have 'un-subscribed' .. I still get the emails!

That is a BIG mistake. NEVER un-subscribe to anything. Doing so, you make yourself known and a victim of MORE spam.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.My daughter-in-laws address IS in my address book. No, she has never used any "bad" words :>). No there is no reliable cell service here. New towers are going up but no one is too optimistic.
What is 3G Internet network? A neighbor called recently and said he had found Hughesnet to be his best Internet service yet and at that time I think he mentioned wi-fi. Is wi-fi the same as 3g?
I do have a gmail account and my dughter in law sends her e-mails to both services now. Even though I have clicked "THIS IS NOT SPAM" many times , her messages are always in SPAM on Earthlink and I have had many live conversations with them So many that I am now one of their VIP members with a "special" phone number but I haven't had the patience to call them yet again.
And , no, I never deleted any of Barb's e-mails :>)
I hope this clears up some questions and maybe can further the discussion.
At this point I am planning to call Hughesnet, but again have little hope.

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Urlee is almost 100% correct. Historically it is ok to unsubscribe to a legitimate site or newsletter that you have previously enrolled in. If the e-mail is unsolicited follow Urlee's warning to the max. You don't want to innocently validate your e-mail address to a spammer.


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Dahlia - I use satellite internet (WildBlue - through Dish Network) and it is OK.

It was my only option other than dialup. Kids needed a faster connection due to online classes, so I upgraded to the mid level WildBlue package.

Be prepared for a large up front fee (I went with WildBlue because it didn't have that large fee and free activation at the time - I am not sure about now)

All satellite internet providers have a usage cap. It is called FAP or Fair Access Policy. It limits how much data you can upload or download.

Hughes has a daily cap. WildBlue has a rolling 30 day cap. Once you hit your cap, the speed gets throttled back to basically dialup speed or lower.

If it is just you and you are not a heavy user - you will never notice.

You will NOT be able to stream video (Netflix, etc.) and you will not be able to do a lot of YouTube watching, etc. - but some.

It is noticeably better than dialup - but it is 3X the cost for me.

You will probably have to commit to a 2 year contract also.

Make sure you know up front what you are getting.

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Prior to my 3G network availability I researched satellite Internet. It took a fair amount of reading on the Internet. May I suggest you do the same. Google the satellite purveyor of interest, and include "complaints" (sans quotes) in the search bar. I came to the conclusion that there was almost as many dissatisfied customers as satisfied. To me that was not an acceptable business plan. Also as I recall, all of the information IG2K6 reported is accurate.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Also as I recall, all of the information IG2K6 reported is accurate.
Huh? IG2K6??? Googled it and couldn't figure out what it was. Ah-HA! Iowagirl2006 If I wouldn't have figured it out, I was just going to 'have' to ask what that was.

I was very briefly a Wild Blue customer, which is similar to Hughes and has probably an equal amount of complaints. It was nightmare I can't even discuss without starting to twitch. Beware of getting expensive, possible poor service, that the sky is the limit to get repaired past the 3 month warranty (parts and labor). Parts are warranted for a year but after 90 days there is still a $75 trip charge for every time they have to come out, even if just for an adjustment.


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I was a satisfied Wild Blue customer for 2 years. Had a few problems, but generally it did the job for me. It's better than dialup, but I wouldn't call it "broadband". Like Iowa Girl, I was able to take advantage of a free installation offer and paid very little for the setup as I remember. But now you probably will be faced with considerable startup costs with either Hughesnet or WildBlue.

I now use Verizon 3G, which has a lower cap than satellite, but I have never gone over the limit. It is more costly per month, but downloads are considerably faster. Things slow down during the evening hours when lots of folks are using their wireless equipment and the tower is "loaded". It still is not suitable for streaming movies, and even UTube has to stop and buffer sometimes.

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What I was un-subscribing to were 'legitimate' groups that I had been a member of.

Supposedly, to become a 'former' member of a Yahoo Group, you just 'un-subscribe'!


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I am not sure if I shared with you that my local rural cell provider has recently announced partnering with Verizon. To me I read it as an initial step to buying out the current purveyor. Anyhow, they are going to be bringing in Verizon's 4G LTE network. Right now I am predicting a more reliable service at a higher cost as compared to my $49.99 a month of 15GB at varying speeds. Time will tell.


You liked that, eh? :)


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I had to pause at the IG2K6 - then the light bulb came on....That's ME! :)

So far I am happy with WildBlue. I do check my usage every morning, as there are 5 of use using it via a wireless modem. 3 of those users between the ages of 14-18.

If anything, it does keep us off the internet and forces some together time. It is pretty easy for everyone to just go off and get sucked into the land of "online". Instead we eat supper together and sit around and chat about our day for an hour or so.

I also have my local Dish guy that did the install and service. He is a gem!

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DA, undoubtedly.

I pay $60 for 5GB limit, which I never use. So I just got a Mi-Fi 2200 (still 3G) and will set it up tomorrow. It runs $50 for 5GB, but there is a 3GB option for $35 with $10 for each gig over that, and that is what I signed up for. The Mi-Fi does not have much range, but I can connect it to my Cradlepoint CTR350 router and it will give the the same range I have now using the USB 727 modem with the same router. Except for having to sign a 2 year contract, I'll have the same service at a saving of $25 per month. Once I have this device up and running tomorrow, I'll de-activate the USB727. I figure the monthly savings will help offset the increased cost of a "smart phone" vs my present cell phone. I'm due for an upgrade on that in May, and I'll probably go for a 4G phone since it will be coming to our area either later this year or next year.

IG, having a good install is the single most important factor in good satellite reception. You're lucky.

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Regarding Yahoo Groups

If you are still getting the messages you don't want, you probably aren't "unsubscribing" correctly. Go to the Yahoo groups page.
Sign in.
Click on the Group you want to leave/change.
Click Edit Membership.
Scroll down to the bottom, and click Leave Group.
-- or if you don't really want to leave, change your message delivery to Web-only.
You will probably then get one of those "Are you sure?" questions. Click Leave Group again.

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Boy, do I feel sorry with anyone who still has dial-up. Had it for years. I tried Verizon Broadband (at $60/mo.). It wasn't much faster, plus I kept getting disconnected.

Recently, an AT&T technician was installing DSL on our corner. I tried several times to order it, but was told it wasn't available in our area. I finally told them, I know it is, can you dig a little further. Turns out, instead of using our city, since we live out in the country, they had to search for our county.

It may be beneficial to call around & see if there is anything available to some of you.

I ended up paying $140 since I didn't honor their contract, but since AT&T is $14.95 for a yr., I'll make that up in no time. We will only have basic DSL, they tell me, but it's faster & much more reliable than Verizon. A very happy camper here, finally.

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