IE9 switch to other browser?

carolssisMarch 19, 2014

I have lots of problems with this browser, IE9.
I have Acer Aspire 4720Z with Vista Longhorn laptop.
IE shuts down a lot, yesterday the page just closed without even a message. This is getting frustrating. It appears from Microsoft website, that I can't update to 10. Not compatible? whatever. Anyway, would it be a better idea to switch to a different one and are they safer or better in general? TIA.

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Try a different browser, like Firefox. It's free and setting it up will only take a few minutes out of your day.

Before you discontinue using IE, be sure to clear the cache to eliminate unnecessary files. Click on Tools, Internet Options, then Delete Browsing History, (If you've never done it, that could be a possible cause of your problem. Browsers accumulate a lot of unneeded junk files over time).

A PC with Vista is >5 years old, paying for a Windows upgrade is probably ill-advised anyway.

It's also possible that the PC has a hardware problem. If erratic behavior continues, it's time to buy a new PC. I personally wouldn't take such an old machine to a tech to diagnose or fix.

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One browser is not necessarily better than another, it is what we decide to use for various reasons. I have not used IE for 3 years or more preferring Firefox with Opera as a back up.

As Snidely notes it would seem unwise to waste money taking the computer to a tech. However I would surely consider running a full anti virus scan and something like Malwarebytes and/or Superantispyware to ensure the computer is clean and bad guys are not causing your grief.

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Double post, sorry 'bout that.

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I reun malwarebytes and Avast frequently. I have a friend with same problem, and also running IE9 on Vista. I wasn't thinking it's a fix for a tech visit, it's the program. She changed her browser just recently, and I was thinking of doing the same. I was just looking for opinions on different ones. Thanks.

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I get teased for using Opera. I like it. Firefox is my backup.

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I would try resetting IE first see if that helps go to Tools up on toolbar, then internet options, then advanced, then click reset.

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