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SeasonalDecorating__December 17, 2011

The white christmas tree

I took a close up of the ribbon to show the texture

Our view of the river

This is my Christmas Mouse Village. I only have half the set because I was given it when I was young and the other half was given to my brother :)

wreath above fireplace

decor in the kitchen

Garland above the patio door

The fountain with ever greenery on porch

Garland above bed

Bird ornament: One of my traditions is buying a new glass bird ornament every year the day after Christmas

The Entry

The entry seeing into the dining room

Christmas tree close up

Another view from our porch after snow

This picture is of a gift i got for my brother. It's a small bird bath and he came across it when he visited us this last fall. So i decided since he already knew what it was that i would wrap it in an obvious way to be funny. I had a hard time making it look nice due to the shape and the patchwork i had to do with the gift wrap so i decided to start our very first ugliest Christmas wrapping competition! He got a good laugh when he saw this picture of it, and i can't wait to see how he wraps my gift! :)

I Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! Everyone have safe travels, and stay warm :)


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Love, love, love everything. Pictures are very clear and show all the detail you put into your decorations. Everything is my favorite. How clever of you to go with the obvious - laughed at ugly wrapping. I think you might have won the competition this year.

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LOVE your birdbath wrapping! LOL!

Oh, SD, everything is BEAUTIFUL for your Christmas/Holiday decor! Love the trees! Oh my, you've done a terrific job! That white one is so very 'elegant' ...beautiful choice of ornies & that ribbon is gorgeous! Wow, nice 'looping' or whatever it may be called when you use ribbon on a tree!

Your entry trees w/the snowy decor at the bottom is so the white (church?) & that owl & then the big snowflakes you added on the tree along w/the colored glass ornies!

And the DR tree is beautiful, the ribbon 'looping' & all the bright, beautiful ornies! Looks like you are ready for a celebration!

Love seeing your outdoors, too...beautiful river ...& your fountain greenery you've used looks great! Love the branches/berries added, too!

Your 'pines' snowy garlands are gorgeous! What alot of work you've done...I hope it has been alot of it's time to sit back & relax! Enjoyed all your pics! The silver bird...lovely! (nice tradition) ...feels very comfy visiting your home! TFS! Jeanne S.

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The little mice are so precious. Nice that you and your brother have shared decorations. Such a pretty view with all the snow outside. Your trees with the ribbons turned out nice--I have bows on the top of my tree but have never successfully been able to weave long ribbons down the tree. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Luvs

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Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, SD. You do a wonderful job decorating your trees.
The little mouse village it too cute.
Any chance you can talk you brother into giving you the other half? LOL

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What a wonderful tour, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'd love to have your view, just for Christmas-time. Even 50 yrs of Phoenix living hasn't made me accept Christmas in the desert. LOL. And it was 70 today!

Your place is lovely, inside and out. All the big trees are decorated so pretty! LOVE the wreath above the fireplace! Half of a Mouse Village...super cute! The pair of little trees in the entry are delightful, and something I've wanted. I couldn't find them this year and guess they sell out fast.

The wrapped birdbath is a hoot, LOL. And your idea for an ugly gift wrapping contest. (Can I enter? I can't wrap worth a darn and I'm sure mine would "qualify".)
hugs, Karen

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Everything is so lovely! Great view of the river in winter. You left no detail untouched and it all looks beautiful! I wish I could do ribbon on a tree like you do. LOL at the "ugliest wrapped gift" competition! Be sure to show us how brother wrapped yours :)

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