Repairing an acrylic bathtub with a very small nick

rsoronenAugust 10, 2012

I'm almost finished with a bathroom remodel (pictures are coming soonish!), and have discovered that someone put a very small nick in the bottom (floor) of my installed tub. Everything is done, so I'm very against replacing the tub, and hoping it can be fixed so it's looks new again... Am I going to have to call a professional to come in and repair it, or can I do it myself? Anyone have any experience or tips they can share?


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I know how frustrating that is, it happened to me - we had the tub covered in plywood and the tile man removed it to tile up to the edge of the tub - it was very upsetting to say the least for this to happen so close to completion. I called hydrosystems and they said they have authorized repair men that come in sand and fill the little nick. It's not something I would ever try myself!

I left it alone but then the granite guy left something loose that fell in the tub and left a huge chip rather gouge in the bottom so I need to have it done soon,

I'll let u know how it goes

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We had a nick and a kitchen and bath store that we have been dealing with had an experienced guy come out and do the repair. I don't know what he used but it was a terrible strong smell. You can't even see where it was! I think it was about $100.00 to get it done. Well worth it though.

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I believe they do sell a kit for home repair, I know I bought one for our fiberglass tub that was just replaced and I am pretty sure there were acrylic ones there too. It was not hard, just stinky. And it looked ok, though definitely not like new. If it's reasonable, I would pay to have a professional do it since the whole room is nice and fresh. Our tub was really just the excuse I needed to remodel, so I didn't care what it looked like for the couple of weeks it took me to line things up.

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