Is it worth fixing my older GE Dryer?

sooeyJuly 17, 2013

Hi Kids,

I have a GE 5 cycle dryer mod#DDE8200RCMWH with a bad timer. We were told yesterday by the repairman that it might not be worth fixing. He gave us a price of $165.00 for the timer and at least that much for labor. His thinking was that we might not want to put $330.00 into dryer that is so old.

The dryer still starts, heats, dries, it jut does not turn off when the contents are dry. My question to all of you smart folks is, if I order a new timer, can I install it myself?
I'm not crazy about spending twice as much money as I have to if I can do the job myself.

Any thoughts and or advice will be appreciated.


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Timers are not difficult to swap.ÃÂ Physically open the panel, loosen the timer, pull the wires, connect the wires to the new timer, mount it, close up the panel. Wires should be a one-to-one swap unless the replacement timer is a substitution for the original and has some differences ... but there's usually an instruction sheet in that case.

I don't find the model you cited but I do find DDE8200RCM (WH is probably a color code, so not understanding why it won't search).

There are three different timers listed. Don't know how to determine which is correct. Prices at one source I use are $88, $173, & $104.

If your repairman cited a specific Part Number, search it online for sources & prices.

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IMO, if its a few people in the home and laundry is 1-2/wk. Not much volume, then yes, swap out the timer. If you have a large family, then I would question how efficient is this dryer. I would consider a new one, if finances allow.

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Thanks to both of you. I have decided to limp along, being careful and I will fix it myself. I found the part for under $100.00 and the knob for under $30.00. I will do some diagnostics on the teeth of the knob before I order but even spending $130.00 on both parts and doing the work myself I am ahead of the game.
Even adding in the $100.00 service call I will have spent $230.00 instead of $430.00 in total or even a new dryer. I think It's worth a shot.

So thanks again. Dadoes, I think the part I found is correct. I used PartSelect web site. I have included the link below. Are there better sites out there?


Here is a link that might be useful: timer part

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Online sources I routinely check for price comparison:

Several sources include break-down diagrams and reference the manufacturer's part number. A few identify items by their own internal database/item number instead of the manufacturer number. Sellers on eBay typically don't reference model numbers so the manufacturer part number is needed to search there. SearsPartsDirect (and maybe others) also references whether a substitution is in effect from the original item.

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Hi dadoes,
Thanks for your response. I am happy to see on your list of sites and I will check out some of the other offerings you provided.
I am confident in my own abilities to get the job done as long as I have the proper part to start out with. Thank you!

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sooey, congratulations on repairing your old dryer. It frustrates me to no end how many people I know who use a simple repair needed as an excuse to purchase a new machine. My dryer is a 26 year old Kenmore and has had the belt replaced twice (each cost about $100 since DH didn't want to tackle that particular project). It still does the job!

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Thank you, ff. I really do no want to spend the $$ on a new dryer if I don't have to. If the motor went, that might be a different story but to toss a dryer just because of the timer is not my idea of being reasonable. This dryer is only about 15 - 17 years old and the only strike against it is the fact that it is a *gulp* GE. Not a complaint, just a fact.
Thanks again.

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GE dryers are OK.

The motor isn't as serious a part as you may assume. One source currently lists it for $75.

Common wear-points are the front drum support glides, and the rear center bearing/bushing ... also not expensive parts.

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Thanks, dadoes. That all makes sense as the drum is the one moving part in a dryer. I had no idea that a motor was under $100.00. I could have this dryer for a very, very long time.
Thanks again.

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