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COLNJuly 13, 2013

If anyone owns a Bosch Universal Mixer, I would like some feedback on its performance and quality. Was it worth the price?

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I have owned most of the Bosch mixer family, ( the Concept, the Compact, and the Universal) except the current Bosch Universal Plus. If you are interested in making bread, the Bosch Universal Plus is an excellent machine. I owned the Bosch Universal, which is similar to the Plus in most respects, except the Plus has additional speeds and more power. They made the Universal from the 50's to 1984 - I sold my Universal just this year and it was still going strong, and it was between 30 and 50 years old - hard to argue with that. Other options include the Kitchen Aid, I have one that is just sitting in the attic, IMHO the Bosch is much better, and the Electrolux Assistent DLX. If you are interested in making one or two loaves at a time, the Bosch Compact is outstanding - it takes up very little room and is a workhorse, though I wouldn't recommend it for large amounts of dough. The Universal has no trouble with large amounts, check Youtube and you will see a number of videos of the Universal Plus where they make 6 or more loaves at a time. The one potential drawback to the Universal and the UP is that with small amounts of dough, and high hydration, the dough may just sit on the center column and not get kneaded. On this site, a poster had both the Electrolux and the Bosch, and preferred the Bosch, though I am sure there are Electrolux owners that prefer it over the Bosch,10454.0.html

Here is a link that might be useful: Test of Universal with 200 grams dough

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I had a Bosch Universal. It was outsatnding for large amounts of dough. I also had the meat grinder atachment, again it was outstanding. The problem I had was that I rarely made more than a couple loaves of bread or a couple pizzas at a time. On small amounts it really didn't work well. I sold it and bought a Kitchan Aid. So really it depends of your reqirements.

The Bosch is a work horse and will last for years, if it firs your requirements there is nothing better.

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I have the Bosch universal plus, aka the big German dude! I also have a KA which I use often for smaller amounts. That Bosch is fabulous- I do bread regularly & make 3-4 large loaves at a time- bread freezes beautifully plus I share with friends. It was a price investment, but a purchase I heartily endorse!

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The Universal is great. If it has any failing, it would be that small amount of high-hydration dough.

But ... if you are going to only be doing small amounts of high-hydration dough, get the slicer shredder and the mini dough hook for the slicer shredder bowl and you would be good to go. :)

Check the link below to see a quick video I made showing some challah dough with and without the dough divider. It will illustrate what can happen with a wetter dough.

All in all ... the Universal is great.


Here is a link that might be useful: Small Batch with Dough Divider

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I've had my Bosch Universal for about 14 years and it's still going strong. I mostly do large batches of bread made from freshly ground wheat, but we also do medium sized batches of pizza dough made from white flour and high hydration sourdoughs in batches of 2 or 3 loaves. It does OK with 2 very large loaves worth, but it's better with 3 or more. As everyone else has said, small amounts don't work as well. It's really a mixer made for large batches of whatever you're making. It's a workhorse, triple batches of cookie dough are no problem. I have the grain roller attachment, and it works very nicely for rolled oats and other cereal grains. I also have a family grain mill with the Bosch adapter, and it never hesitates or bogs down. The blender is nice, too, strong and does a good job on smoothies and blended drinks. I've used it heavily and have been happy with the performance.


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The information was all very helpful. I was at a store and they had the Bosch and the largest KA side by side, and about equal in price, so I was curious. Bread would not be a problem as I make no knead (week long method). My need to change came about as my small KA started throwing egg white mixture all over, a real mess. I make a lot of angel food cakes to sell so a mixer that can do that job without the mess is important. My KA isn't under warranty and too expensive to fix. Has anyone made cakes routinely in the Bosch? I need something that will whip egg whites correctly.

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Hmmm, now that's strange- my KA does egg whites perfectly, although I actually prefer to do them by hand. Yes, I'm a bit eccentric that way! How many are you trying to do at one time? I think I do have a whisk attachment with my Bosch, but I have yet to use it.

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The Bosch will whip a single egg white into 1 1/2 cups of meringue.

I don't make Angel Food, but have no problems with any other cakes I've made.

I'll attempt to answer any particular questions you have. I've got a picture of the Bosch whipping evaporated milk on my site if that might give you some idea ... ?

Garden Web isn't letting me link to the site . . . but here's the url:

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I've definitely received an education on a very unfamiliar item. THANKS I think now what I need to consider is the compact version IF it will beat 12-14 egg whites in the smallish 4 qt bowl. I tried to find a manual on the Bosch site but so far no luck.

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Here is the manual. If I had any use for 12 - 14 beaten eggs whites, I would try it out on my Compact, but I hardly have use for one beaten egg white.

Here is a link that might be useful: manual for Compact

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That many egg whites would at Least fill the bowl of the Compact, if not run it over. The Compact is a planetary mixer similar to the KA. But, there is an angle to the beaters whereas the KA is strictly vertical. I have never had my Compact bowl anywhere near that full - but I think you'd slosh.

And you aren't going to have room on top of all that meringue for the rest of the ingredients if you do that traditional "sprinkle the flour on top" thing.


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