any 24-inch fridge owners happy with summit, blomberg, or LG?

michoumonsterJuly 15, 2012

Hi all, i am looking for more info on a 24-inch refrigerator model. Just cannot find too many reviews out there..

Did you get one made by Summit, Blomberg, or LG? And are happy/unhappy? If you have the LG in titanium or the Blomberg in silver, can you share pics? I have not been able to find any of these fridges in stores to see them! TIA!!

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modern life interiors

I bought a LG refrigerator about 2 years ago. 24 inches with bottom freezer in white. low price an works well. My kitchen is small.

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We bought the LG 6 1/2 years ago to replace an all refrigerator Frigidaire (no longer made) and an under-the-counter 24" wide Sub-Zero freezer in our small galley kitchen. No problems. Also find the LG freezer drawers easier to access than the no-drawer Sub-Zero.
My favorite part, however, was replacing the under-the-counter freezer with a wine-cooler!

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ditto LG. White. The best fridge yet.

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I have a model that Summit imported from Denmark- (vestfrost) I think the Summit model was CP 171,ss (stainless front). Anyway it's been a great fridge, with dual compressors, so that you can shut the freezer off but still run the fridge, and vice versa.

The freezer is not self defrosting- but because it doesn't pick up any moisture from the fridge, it rarely needs to be defrosted- and when you want to defrost, you can just put what's in the freezer into the working fridge for a few hours.

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thanks everyone! sounds like LG is a safe choice. I will have to try to find a summit to see also. i did read online about the summit cp171 and it looks quite nice in stainless. the LG in titanium is not real stainless, so i am not sure how that would look. hopefully i can find a store. thanks again!

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Titanium is a finish surface, not "sheet metal". Therefore any scratch would show more strongly than a scratch in a metal.

Stainless is a metal, a sheet of metal. Not a finish layer on top of steel.

I have seen the titanium finish on the LG fridges. People always buy it when the fridge is to be in a visible position, so it doesn't look like "any old white goods thing". Therefore I conclude that it is good . A good thing. Worth the money.

Compared to stainless, the titanium finish looks softer duller discreet-er, not calling attention to itself as much as the average stainless thing.

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I have the 24 inch LG in white. Very pleased with the freezer section! However, I am still adapting to the fridge section. None of my pitchers fit. I know I can buy new pitchers . . . maybe when the dang remodel is finished. You can get a lot in the door. Also, I believe davidro1 pointed out in a prior post that you can reverse the door bins (not the bottom bin) on the LG which makes it easier to hold the taller items. Good luck!

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Am I search impaired or does LG no longer make the 24" model?

Seriously thinking about 2 Summit's again. Wish I could find more real life info on them.

Alexr: if you happen to see this, can you talk about your Summit a little more? Any repair issues for you yet? Do you have one or two? What don't you like about it, if anything? Thanks.

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lee676 has several 24" fridges, and they're taller than the one LG used to sell in the US. Anyone have one? Any good?

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Here you go, deedles:

Here is a link that might be useful: small LG fridge

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Frustrating that LG sells their taller 24"w refrigerators in Canada (and still does) but never did in the US. Maybe you can import one?

Here is a link that might be useful: LG 11.4 cu.ft. 24'' fridge

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writersblock: the white one on AJ says out of stock. It's just that LG doesn't seem to list it on their website so that makes me wonder a bit. It's so popular, though that I can't imagine they'd d/c it.

Lee676: Ok. Now you're talking on the canadian model. Why on earth wouldn't THAT be for sale here? I don't get this marketing stuff at all. How can I get one of those? Actually, 2 of those, lol. Do I have to go to Canada and brave the potentially nightmarish border patrol or would some canadian store ship it to me here? Does Big Brother say that's illegal to do I wonder?

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Ditto Deedles, why wouldn't the taller LG be sold in the States? I would be so much happier with that one. Have you tried Best Buy, HD or Lowes? When I purchased my 24 inch LG earlier this year, it wasn't on the web site either if I recall. Good luck!

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deedles, I just bought the LG fridge from a local appliance store. It has not been delivered yet, but I saw it in person before I purchased. Mine is just the regular height that they sell in the US, not the taller ones people have mentioned (i didn't know there was even a taller one made). Taller would be nicer if you can get it.
There are actually a few brands that have 24" fridges, but they are the kind with freezer on top (if you search for apartment size fridges), and they are pretty short also.
This is the model I got: LG LRBP1031T

Here is a link that might be useful: 24 inch lg fridge

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Catlover5: (does that mean you have 5 cats, btw?) Can you expand on 'so much happier'? Do you like your model or just wish it could be taller? I don't suppose you have yours against a wall, either do you? I'm wondering about door clearance requirements if against walls. What I'm thinking of doing is having 2 of these at opposite ends of a 140" wall with the sink and DW and a couple drawer bases in the middle. Both fridges would be against a side wall that way. No upper cabs other than over the fridges and then just a big window in the center. One could be the 'eating and beverage fridge' for cheese, lunch meat, soda and beer and juice, yogurts, know. The other (closer to my prep and cooking 'U' would be the 'cooking' fridge. Produce, eggs, bacon, etc. I'm going to be buying more in bulk when we move and we'll have a big garden, so enough produce space has been flummoxing me. Two of these smaller fridges just might be the ticket!

On your other comment, I just called my LG dealer and asked about getting the canadian model. He's going to call me back tomorrow after doing some checking. I wish I had a canadian friend, darn it! I'll let you know what he says.

Michou: please post back when you get yours up and running and let us know how you like it, etc. Pics are also good!

Do you have a pic of yours, Catlover5?

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Home Depot sells the tall LG 24"w fridge in titanium GR-389RT (CAN.$848) and white GR-389R (price not shown but it should be almost $150 less based on MSRP) both in stores and online, as does Future Shop which has stores in some parts of the US. Maybe one of those can ship to the US. You'd probably have to pay duty, taxes, and shipping. I was trying to find the owner's manual online to see if it's warranted in the US, but I can't find it. Many appliances sold in the US carry warranties that are valid in Canada, so it's quite possible. Canadian refrigerators use the same 120v/15a, 60Hz electricity that American ones do.

For some reason, both LG's Canadian website and Home Depot's show the short version of the white one, even though the specs clearly are of the tall version (74-1/4" tall, 11.4 cu.ft. vs. 10 for the shorter version, which HD sells too). It looks like all the extra space is in the refrigerator section.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG Fridge at Home Depot Canada

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Deedles, I had 5 cats but lost one to C earlier this year and I have a very large very old dog. They are actually snuggling with me and the iPad right now. As soon as I can get up, I will post photos of the fr. It is against the wall and I have no issues. Your plan sounds great. I think you would be very happy with this fr, especially 2 of them like that. I would just like a little more fr space. We actually planned the remodel using a very tall fr but decided to get the LG because it was $1,ooo less. I have a basket now on top of the fr and plan on getting a taller model later on and moving the LG to the garage. We have a tiny kitchen and wanted to add a DW while keeping everything in the L-shaped layout and a 24 in fr was the only way to do this. I would buy the taller LG in a heart beat. Dh loves the fr and it was very easy for him to reverse the door swing. I have some good photos and will post them. Hope they help!

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Ah the owner's manual for the Canadian LG is online but it doesn't spell out warranty details. The manual includes a Spanish translation; that's encouraging.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG GR-389R Owner's Manual

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Wouldn't importing a fridge also create the same insurance issues that importing a rangetop does (due to lack of UL approval, etc)? It seems to me that in the past that has stopped a lot of people for other appliances, IIRC, although I don't remember anyone here talking about a fridge either positively or negatively in that regard.

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Deedles, here are some photos of my 24 inch LG in action. My only complaint is that I would like a little bit more fridge space. I'm tall so a really tall fridge is right up my alley. The freezer part is very roomy and with the drawers allows me to be organized. No ice maker option but we drink only bottled water so it wasn't a concern of ours. We are also not wine drinkers but the bottles would fit in the door. Ours is next to the wall and the veg bins open all the way but to remove the one nearest the wall, I do need to pull out the fridge. Note - it only has 2 wheels in the rear, not 4 wheels. The opening between the wall and the fr panel is 27 inches wide and the fridge can actually be placed more towards the fridge panel, however, we scraped our newly finished floor when moving it back into the room and just left it where it was for now. HTH.

The fridge door opens all the way, it just kept swinging closed by the time I was ready to take the photo so not the best example:

Sorry the photos are a bit dark. I didn't use my regular camera but HTH.

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Future Shop, eh? Maybe I'll check them out after the appliance guy calls me and says they can't get it, lol. I also wrote to LG and asked how I could get ahold of this model. The taller fridge space would be nice. Been also considering the Summit CP171 but the repair situation bothers me.

Catlover5: sorry about your kitty, that's sad to lose a pet; esp. watching the other pets looking for them :(

But thank you for the pics! Looks like you can cram a lot into that little guy. I'd think two 24's would work out nicely for us, even if I can't get the taller one. Plus, we'll have a deep freeze in the basement.

Thinking this is a doable plan. I'll let you all know what I hear from LG and/or appliance guy.

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Appliance guy says not available in US. Still waiting for LG response.

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Darn! Hopefully a more positive response from LG will be forthcoming.

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I'm fairly sure LG won't sell you one in the US - the question is, is there a Canadian retailer that is willing to ship it here.

I don't know of any legal restrictions regarding buying or using a Canadian appliance in the US. As for the UL listing, I notice that many appliances sold in the US are CSA listed too (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is, can't remember name). I'm fairly sure if you drove your van or SUV into Canada and bought one and drove it across the US border, you'd be allowed to bring it in as long as you declare it and pay any tax or duty fees. But IANAL.

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Oh my gosh. I can't imagine DH's face if I told him we had to drive to Canada to pick up 2 fridges because they are taller than the ones I can get here. Probably send me or himself to the looney bin, lol. I'm going to contact that Future Shop as mentioned previously if LG is a bust.

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You can call an HD or Future Shop in the US, or LG's US operations, but I don't think any of those will get you anywhere. Rather, call LG Canada, then Home Depot's Canadian-border stores, then Future Shop's Canadian stores, and ask if they can ship to a US address or a US store. I'm sure you won't be the first time they've been asked this. I managed to have Canadian-built Electrohome speakers mailed across the border to my address 15 years ago that I still use with my HDTV and computer. (speaking of which, I want want want an Electrohome Apollo to play my music on. These were never sold outside Canada, but I see them all the time on American eBay, and it must be harder to smuggle into a country what looks more like an alien lunar module than something to play your music with.

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking Apple was the first to make electronics that looked mad cool. If this stuff can be brought over the border, surely a tall yet narrow refrigerator can be.

And if we can't coax someone into sending an LG fridge south of the order, there's always FagorAmerica's tall 24" fridges that are officially sold in the US

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Ixnay on the ijerfray.

LG says nope, not for sale in the US and they don't recommend trying to get one for some nebulous reason. Dang.

Well, US model maybe....

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Lee: Those are fabulous, darling! Holy 60's Batman!

I worry about Fagor and Summit, etc as there are no local dealers and what to do with a broken fridge and no one to service it?

I'll keep checking out possibilities, though. On the LG, I mean.

Love the stereo, though!

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Yeah their stuff was amazing - here's their coffee table that opens up to become a hi-fi and a TV projector:

But anyway, there's an estalished "grey market" in selling items intended for sale in foreign contries in the US by companies other than the company's authorized US distributor. It's completely legal, and it's how many of us bought our cameras in the '70s through '90s, but you can expect the manufacturer's warranty won't be honored in the US, so you'd have to haul the thing back to Canada to get LG to pay for repairs the first year. After that, since it uses virtully the same parts as a fridge that was sold for many years in the US, finding someone who can repair it, even authorized LG service agents, should be easy. Companies never like grey-market imports taking business away from their chosen importers, so don't expect LG to give you the green light. Instead, call an appliance store near the border, ask them to look at the placard inside the door (or in the use & care or installation manual) and see if there's any reference to American service addresses, phone numbers, or at least UL certification. Some will have US yellow "EnergyGuide" stickers on them, often reversible to Canadian energy guides. you can probably find a dealer along the southern border willing to send one across state lines - especially smaller mom & pop independent shops that need every sale they can get and are less tied down with corporate-HQ policies to follow. If all else falls, plan a trip to Montreal or Toronto - plenty of interesting things to do there besides scoping out exotic appliances.... just bring a truck, van, SUV, or some wagons large enough to hold a boxed fridge, probably on its side.

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I've had the 13.8 cu ft. Summit for more than three years and love it. I live in a rural area and ordered it through an appliance store about 40 miles away. The store doesn't stock any Summit appliances but I called Summit for the name of nearest dealer (Summit is located in the Bronx.) At first, I was concerned about lack of repair services in the area, but I really liked the look of a tall skinny fridge and the alternatives -- Fagor, Blomberg, VestFrost-- are as uncommon as the Summit. I considered the LG, but preferred the Summit's larger capacity. The store I purchased it from has a repair service, so I decided not to worry about servicing. By the way I'm very short (5' 1") and have no trouble reaching the upper shelf.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summit FFBF28SS

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Lee: that stereo pic you posted last is unreal! What design and beautiful wood! I can almost hear Hal saying "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that..."

Starting to swing towards the Summit CP171 model. I think I need the taller/bigger capacity AND I need white. That's what put the LG in a frontrunner status... it comes in white. I have a copper sink and I don't want to flank it with two stainless fridges. So Beaniebakes, you help a lot with your testimonial about the Summit. I do have a a couple good local appliances places that fix whatever even if they don't sell it. There is time to look and wait.

I was told though by a local appliance salesman that expect to see new models coming out across the board in the next 5-6 weeks as they are starting to get scheduled for training by the various companies. Maybe some big sales coming up?

I haven't given up on the LG canada model yet, either though.

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> I think I need the taller/bigger capacity AND I need white

Just to point out that the FFBF comes in white as well as the stainless that beanibakes has, has another cubic foot of storage and uses 60 kw less a year than the CP171, which is considered commercial so no energy star rating, if that matters where you are.

But it sure is a lot cooler looking than the FFBF models.

Here is a link that might be useful: ffbf28 white

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deedles, have you considered the SMEG? it is super cute and probably would go so well in your kitchen. they are a bit pricey for their size, but i think still less expensive than Liebherr.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I love the Smeg but I believe requires at least 12 inches if not a bit more when placed next to the wall and it was very $$$. But it would look so cute!

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I have seen those. Very cute but too much money and they're pretty small, too. Doesn't it have the little freezer box in the top, too?

I did see that other Summit comes in white. I don't think it's bad looking either. The 171 is really neat looking, though.

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