GE - Inside glass broken in upper oven

novaguyJuly 17, 2012

We have a GE double oven in our kitchen. The model number is JKP38G0J6BG.

The inside glass in the top oven broke a couple of weeks ago and GE tells me that the part is no longer available. I suspect the oven is over 20 years old because that is how old the house is ... we have owned the house for over 12 years. I would replace the entire oven except for the fact that we are planning on moving within the year and I'd like to avoid spending a couple of thousand dollars on a replacement if I can avoid it.

Any suggestions on how I can go about replacing this broken glass? The exterior glass is fine is just the interior glass that needs replacement. Is this a DIY type of job and where would I be able to get the part?

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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We had the same issue with our oven at our old house. We didn't replace it (happened a month before we put it on the market during a self clean cycle), the house sold the day it was put on the market for full price, and the inspector noted it. They included it in their request for 3k to fix shower (apparently no shower pan!!!) and oven door. We ended up giving them 500.00 for both - but we had a back up offer so that gave us some negotiating power.

Point being, it is probably not something that will keep your house from selling, plus whoever buys the house will likely have the kitchen (and appliances) on the to do list if they are 20 years old. Price your house accordingly, or deal with it after inspection. Of course, I have no idea if it is a safety issue long term - that would be a different story.

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athensmomof3, thanks for the feedback. It is certainly an approach worth considering.

In 2006, we actually did remodel our kitchen and update all of the appliances. Unfortunately the one thing we did not update was the oven ..... in the 8 years we lived in the house prior to the remodel we really did not use the oven much and it blended well with the new appliances. We certainly regret not having done so ...... but such is life!

I don't even know if it is possible to improvise in some way because I am sure that it is something that has happened to others.

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I think it's important to find out if there's a safety issue in using the oven. If so, you could just not oven, or use a Breville or something. I don't know how to find out in a really reliable way if it is a safety issue (that is, not our opiions on that :).

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It is a double-oven and we have stopped using the top oven which has the inside broken glass.

We use only the lower oven at this point. I am assuming that there should not be a safety issue using just the lower oven.

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