How do I put a folder in the start menu?

leftwoodMarch 7, 2013

I have a new PC with Windows 7 and want to consolidate the start menu. I want to put all the shortcuts for Windows programs in one folder.

As the administrator, I have not found a way to add a new folder to the Left pain of the start menu.

An option that I can do is add the shortcuts to an existing start menu folder that I don't use. Then, I thought, I could rename the folder. But I haven't been able to rename a start menu folder. I am the administrator, and in fact the dialogue window prompts that it requires administrative permission, then asks if I want to continue. I click "continue", but the task isn't executed, and the name I enter doesn't replace the original.

Is there a solution?


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Have you tried:

Right click on the Desktop>New>Folder>drag and drop the new folder onto the START button


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Not sure I understand what you want, but the one thing I missed from the version before W 7 was the quick launch. I found a solution you might be interested in. I went to my documents and put all of my game short cuts in a folder named games. Then I right clicked on the task bar, then on new tool bar and followed the path to the games folder I made. Now I have another version of the quick launch. I did the same with a folder named tools with the shortcuts I use often.

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Thanks for your replies.
I had tried dragging a folder from the desktop to the already opened start menu which didn't work. But it never occurred to me to drag it to the start button!

Yes, that works. It puts the folder in the left pane of the start menu, but not with the "All Programs". I'm good with that.
Thank you!

Emma, your idea is a different, but useful method, too.

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