what did you first cook in you combi steam oven?

GWloloJuly 26, 2013

The Gagg Combi has been installed for a month and I want to try something to make sure the steam function, the drain, the probe, the convection etc. work well. Any simple ideas that are vegetarian?

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Roast a some tubers (carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, etc..)

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Buy some frozen raw shrimp, defrost them, shake with a little bit of old bay, and within minutes you will be a pretty happy camper if the steamer is working. Another option is corn on the cob - we take off the leaves and the silk and steam it plain . To test the probe, I would go with salmon. You can try a honey mustard glaze, or make a dipping sauce and just steam it plain with a little salt and pepper. I usually set the temp a little below the correct temp to allow me time to open it and get it out before it overcooks. Since 135 is done, I would set it around 130. When it beeps, watch it for a few seconds and see how fast the temp is climbing, that will let you next time whether you need a bigger cushion ( lower setting ).

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Rolls, corn on the cob, vegetables, bread, swordfish - today we're trying ribs.

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