Countertops for Children's Bathroom

nothingbutboysAugust 16, 2012

Remodeling a bathroom shared by my two boys. Contractor quoted with granite counter top. I'm thinking not such a good idea. Thoughts, experiences, other options that you've used? Thanks!

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I depends on which granite you choose. We went with Silestone in our boys' bathroom and love it. It's bulletproof, which was a requirement because they're not gentle on it nor do they do a great job of wiping off bright blue toothpaste or anything else that is spilled. Our color is light (Blanco River) but we haven't seen any stains.

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I would think most granites would be quite durable. We used a remnant granite in our guest bath and this is the bath that I dye my hair in so I don't have to worry about stains.

We used marble, I know, it stains, but it was sooo much cheaper than anything else (corian, granite, cambria) and I liked the look so much better, I decided if I need to replace it in 10 years then so be it. The marble in our bathroom has held up wonderfully, the marble in my son's bathroom-well I will be honest there is a stain caused by hand soap, but it has faded over time. I don't think anyone would notice unless they were looking for it. We've been in the home for 2 years and so far no regrets with the marble.

Silestone is of course very pretty and durable but the most expensive. Cultured marble scratches and stains.

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I used white compac quartz and love it!! while it hasn't been in too long it has passed the sharpie test which for me is the extreme test, I can't imagine anything my boys could throw at it tougher than that


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We've got granite in the master and the boys' baths (they're 17 & 7 yrs old). So far, so good--even with the bright blue with glittery flecks toothpaste & bright blue/green shave gel! Both boys have granite that's on the dark side--Caribbean Jungle in one (greens, browns, blacks, blues and a touch of gold & red) and Mary Blue in the other (kind of looks like pictures of the Milky Way galaxy with blacks, grays, whites and blues in a swirly pattern). The darker granites resist staining better than the lighter ones, are less porous and tend to be stronger than the lighter ones (especially if the pattern is a uniform one on the tighter side). I would do a dark granite again in a heartbeat.

Hope this helps!

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We did granite in all of our baths. Through our builder, the level one granite was only about $30 per sf, maybe a little bit more. It was almost as expensive to get the cultured marble, some were even more than the granite. This is for a vacation rental home with 5.5 baths. Every one has a different granite and so far (knock on wood) we have had no problems.

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We are getting cultured marble for our son's bath. With 2 integral sinks, the whole top was less than $200 for a 5 ft vanity top with backsplash in white. I'm kind of hoping it will get scratched and stained up in a few years and I'll be able to justify replacing it with a dark granite or quartz top.

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We're using Caesarstone in my daughter's bath, we're told it's nail polish remover proof, and basically indestructable. I've seen a dark granite maybe cosmic something that could be fun in a boys' bath.

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This is the second time this week that I've read posts saying Caesarstone is indestructible. No, it isn't. My eased edge chipped two weeks in for no apparent reason. Possibly it was tapped by a dish coming out of the DW. It was also dulled by the fabricator who cleaned off the epoxy with acetone and Barkeeper's Friend. BKF won't scratch most surfaces but it will scratch quartz. So only use non-abrasive cleansers recommended by the manufacturer. Dull spots cannot be polished back to a shine because quartz is a resin composite. These are not covered under warranty. Fortunately, the fabricator is replacing my counter and you can bet I'll be treating it with kid gloves.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hmmm, so far I've not had that trouble with my caesarstone. I've only used nonabrasive cleaners on it thought. My edges are fine, but they're half bull nose. The only chip I have is a micro mini one in the top was made with small chips of recycled glass and the glass is not as strong as the stone. I can't see it, but can feel it when I'm cleaning. Of course I can't see anything on this stone...I can only feel stuff unless I get the light at the right angle and then can see what's on it. This pattern hides everything!

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We put granite in the boys baths. One is a leathered Uba Tuba, and it shows everything so I wouldn't use anything dark or uniformly colored. The other is fantastico, and has lots of movement in cream, brown, pumpkin and gold. It shows nothing! I have to run my hand over it to make sure it is clean. If I were to put granite in a kids bath I'd use something with some variation.

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