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judithvaDecember 14, 2011

Hi all,

sorry it has been so long since I have posted, I sure do miss you all. I hope everyones holidays has been going well so far. My computer is still dead, I'm borrowing another today.

I have almost finished decorating my tree, I only have to put in the flowers. this year it is a white tree(my first), with all pink decoration. I will post it when I finish it.

In the meantime, if you want, go to the GW link below in Small Homes forum you can catch up on what I have been doing with my time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Post on Smaller homes

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Good to hear from you, Judith...I remember when I first joined over here on the 'Holidays' how much I loved seeing pics of your beautiful home! Looks like you've made GREAT progress! TFS your link ...I've bookmarked it. Happy Holidays to you! Jeanne S.

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All I can say is "WOW", I am so impressed with what you have been up too. Your home is going to be stunning, like your wonderful decorating. Thank you for sharing your progress with all of your friends here. I too am a tool gal but I have never undertook a project like this by myself. Can't wait to see the end results and to see more of your wonderful decorating.

Have you decided on paint colors for your new renovated home? I have a sofa the same color as yours and am struggling with the right wall color. Maybe you can inspire me. Wishing you good luck with your project and please keep checking in.

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So glad to hear you are a cancer survivor!

You crack me up seeing that you are doing this remodel project on your own. How on earth do you have such a neat home with what's going on?

I've always loved everything I've seen you decorated so can hardly wait to see your white tree with pink decorations. I always put up a white tree with pink decorations at the office so will be looking forward to seeing a gorgeous one from you.


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Hi Judith, nice to hear from you again after all this time. You have made amazing progress with your remodel. Kudos to you for having the gumption to tackle it yourself. I'll try to follow your blog to keep updated on your progress. Happy Holidays. Luvs

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Thanks all, I wasn't too sure about linking here since this remodel doesn't have anything to do with Holidays, but this forum is like a second home to me, you all have been so kind and supportive of my decorating and tablesetting experiments!

jeannespines, thank you, well I am hoping it is going to be nice, it is just going to take me alot longer to fix probably than most peoples remodeling. I'm fairly patient though, this is pretty much a gift for myself, so I'm on my own timeline.

gagesgranny, thank you too! I originally thought I would do the build to save money, but after I found the 2nd fellow to build at a fantastic price, well I couldn't miss that opportunity, but he's too busy now (thankfully for him and his family the construction business in his area has picked up enough to keep him busy, so I don't have his abilities anymore for my house). The last wall I want up between the kitchen and the DR will have electricity running through it, and cabs from the kitchen will go on that wall, I am just afraid that I won't build it well enough to support all of that. Anyhoo, until I find someone I can trust and is more affordable, it will have to wait.
As for colors, well, I had thought white, but the on the walls that I just painted is way too grey for me! So that will have to be changed...an expensive mistake for me this time. But, I have considered a blue of some sort, probably a grey blue, I think it would look ok with the couch color, but that is a way off too I am worn out from all the painting I just finished LOL

phonegirl/punk Thanks, actually having cancer helped me to eventually decide to do something that I wanted, I don't like the way it came about, but at least something good for me came of it. My house has been a total mess, it only recently has been "straightned" up a bit. I really did/do try to keep up on the dust though, that drove me nuts, most of the time everything was covered in painters plastic to protect my things. I still haven't really decorated though, and that actually bugs me alot, I really want to get on with that part of it.
I hope to take some photos of the tree this weekend, then I will post them, it takes some getting used to having a white tree after years of a green one, but it is growing on me. Luckily not much money went into the tree, I got it on clearence last year for 9 bucks, so not too big of an investment.

Luvs, thank you too. Well, not fast enough progress that I would like LOL, but I am getting there, and having the vision for what I want is very satisifying, so that will have to carry me thru this long remodel. I guess it is all in the journey. Of course my neighbors and my DD think I am nuts LOL My DD is supportive (with an eyeroll thrown in, she is very practical, and isn't crazy about the bedroom size down, but she knows it will make me happy, so she is really OK with it.

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So good to see you posting Judith - When I first came onto this forum yay many years ago I simply fell in love with your 'pink' Christmas tree and all the glitz and glamor it had - I have done our MB tree that way ever since. I think of you every year when I decorate it. Looking forward to seeing your new white tree when you get it done :)

So glad to hear you are a cancer survivor - it certainly does change your outlook about life. When I lost my husband to cancer I vowed to not sit around anymore but get out and live life and do the things that I wanted to and not put them off - you just never know what the next day will bring. Your renovations so far have been amazing and I know you will have a beautiful home when all is done.

Be sure and keep in touch with us 'Enablers'. I for one really look forward to seeing you progress - TFS the link .....


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Lynne, thank you, that is so cool that you do a pink tree in your MB, I'd love to see a pic. I think my tree would have been best in my MB, but it is pretty tight quarters in there (actually tight in my LR too, but it fits LOL. I wish I could have found a white garland to put on my fireplace so it would match my tree, but there was no white garlands to be found in my area this year, in fact, in my area there was very little xmas product out there (due to our economy I am sure).

Yep, a survivor so far any way. I am sorry about your loss of your husband, it sounds to me you took a very proactive and healthy view about your situation, you are right, you never know what will happen the next day. We are definately in the same thought process and I think it really makes a difference on how happy one can be or not be with how the "cards are dealt to us"

I will be able finally to set my table for Christmas, so I am really looking forward to having a somewhat normal Christmas this year. I will post the photos.

I have been enjoying other folks decorating here too when I get the chance to look, there is so much talent here!

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Hi J,
Good to hear you are well!
Merry Christmas!

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Hi Kathleen, Merry Christmas to you too.
I hope to buy an inexpensive small laptop so I can post more, it is really hard to post alot right now.

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