What brands of fridges have a smooth white finish?

rachelgoldbergJuly 30, 2013

I'm looking for a new fridge and want to get a white finish, but I'd like a smooth more modern white instead of the pebbled textured white that many white fridges are. Most of the showrooms seem to have very few white models on display -- it's all stainless. Any recommendations for which brands have a smooth white finish? Does Amana, which is the brand I was considering getting? Thanks!

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I'm researching fridges. I noticed that Whirlpool's new white color is called Arctic White, and it's smooth, glossy white, for a modern take on white. They're selling it as "the new stainless."

I've been looking at fridges in person at Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's. Most of the white ones I saw are smooth white. That's what's "in" right now.

I'm curious as to why you're going for white, when almost everyone seems gung ho for stainless? I've had white for 20 years. I love white. But I'm considering stainless for my new fridge...just because everyone seems to love it so much, and just for a change. But I must confess that I love white in a kitchen. And I'm concerned about keeping the smudges off of SS, since I'm no domestic goddess and favor things that are easy to care for.

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I have a Samsung french door that is smooth white on the front. The sides are the pebbled texture.

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Thanks for the ideas. I'm somewhat ambivalent between SS and white. But everyone says that SS shows fingerprints more, which I'd rather avoid. Also, I want a brighter feeling kitchen and SS has such an industrial grayness to it. But I too am hesitant b/c it's hard to find many photos on houzz, for example, of new kitchens with light maple stained cabinets (our preference) and white appliances.

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I read your thread with interest because I dislike stainless and know in the next couple years we'll probably want to replace our fridge that is only 5 or 6 years old (don't buy LG). It is white, and I like white. When we bought a new range earlier this year we ended up with ss because that was the best way to get the pro type range I wanted, but one ss appliance is enough for me.

Here are some pics that might help you out. I like the look.


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