Experience with pebble floor tile like StrataStones

mdispensaAugust 20, 2013

Does anyone have experience with installing and using "StrataStones" or a similar floor tile in a bathroom.
See http://www.stratastones.net/products/Glazed-Pastel-Green-Mosaic-Tile.html

I have a very small bathroom and would like to do the tiling myself. The sliced stone is on a 12x12 mesh and is 3/8" inch thick. Any tips on installation?

Also, how does it hold up? Would you do it again?

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don't have it yet, but we are installing a pebble floor (uncut pebbles) in our shower. It does have to be sealed. if that matters to you!

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I prefer that the floor be pitched a bit more than the minimum 1/4" per foot.

Because floors like this can be slower draining, I recommend using a topical membrane on the shower floor.

When you set the sheets, be careful about the "sheet-to-sheet" lines showing. Dry lay them. Step back. See if you can see the 12" by 12" sheet "pattern". Sometimes it helps to peel off some of the tiles from the edges of the sheets and rotate or reset them to better enmesh the neighboring sheets together, it'll eliminate any sheet pattern.

I recommend you consider using a grout darker than the color of the tile.

Use a sanded grout.

Be careful with cleanup that you don't rake the grout out of the grout joints, or the grout lines will hold water.

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I LOVE pebble tile but every single picture I see on Houzz.com or elsewhere, I can always see the outline of the 12X12 mess background. As Mongo says, consider moving pebbles around on the edge. With a small area, that might be easier to do.
Here's an example of where I see the lines on the wall - not good IMO.

Modern Bathroom by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

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I'd love to hear from people who have had pebble-tiles installed for a long time, particularly on a shower floor.

In particular, I'm wondering if you have had any problems with grout cracking? Hubby says that where grout lines are wider, cracking can be a problem. So I thought I'd check here for those who would know --

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Sophie Wheeler

If sanded grout is used, cracking is not a problem. The extra slope bit by Mongo is spot on. They tend to not drain well otherwise.

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I have had a pebble shower floor for about 9 months and have not had any cracking grout (used sanded). I really love it! The tile guy took extra pains to lay the pebbles and the whole floor looks totally random.

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I might add that, the best pebbles to use are the ones that have a FLAT surface. More comfortable and they drain better!

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Excellent - thanks! And yes, definitely the flat ones. The rounded ones hurt my feet...

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