Another Set of Christmas Pictures.. (pic heavy).

slinkeyDecember 17, 2011

Hope I'm not putting everyone on 'overload' with my pics.

I've just been able to catch a little down time (before the next shift) take and post pictures. I can't believe Christmas is next week!!

This is a 9' shelf unit DH's filled with collectables and toys he's made. He loves making all sorts of things...especially toys. I told him I think it's because he didn't have many toys growing up and now he's making up for it! On the wall are his board games and the drawers and cabinet below is also filled with games. This area always encourages the kids to play with them. I think it's so much better than always doing those electronic games.

This year, I added some Christmas collectables and photos.

DH was questioning 'WHY' was I putting the little red bench he made on the shelf...I told him 'Trust Me'!!

After he saw what I did..he said 'Oh..that's clever - I like it'. I wasn't going to give up this idea even if he didn't like it...hehehe

I was looking at someone's blog, and she uses her benches in so many clever ways...which got me thinking of this I can't take the credit for it.

The picture on the left is DD when she was 3. We took her to 'The North Pole' (upstate NY) to see Santa, and this was a picture we took. The Gkids get a 'kick' that mommy did that!

Another area with old and new toys...The paper mache Santa (middle left) was purchased at a Flea for $3. It's on Ebay for $125. !

The old noise makers are over 70 yrs old! (way before my time) My uncle (who was like Santa Claus) was a Business Representative for a company in NYC. They sold and rented out all sorts of things from small appliances to 'toys' and even Carnival supplies for charity events. He would bring us all sorts of fun things and each year he brought noise makers and very elaborate hats to my DGM's family New Year's Eve Gathering. My DDad being the youngest and last of the family, gave me the box of those noise makers.

The Santa with the Reindeer was a gift from a friend. It was her mother's. She new I liked old toys.

Small Desk in FR.. The Tray is old and has a 'Macy's' label on the back!

That's it for now...sorry I 'burned' your eyeballs, but hope it held your interest.


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Great Decorating!! Very cool idea with the red bench and i love that little truck with the trees in it, very cute! Your Christmas tree and mantle in the background look great as well, thanks for posting! It's always fun to look at others holiday decorating :)


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Wow, & DH have a wonderful collection of old toys & goodies that shelf unit he built & how cool is that idea of using the little 'bench!' Does look like a fireplace mantle! Great truck on top & your Santa's! I love everything here & esp the thought of your GK's playing board games! That is still so much fun! TFS this space!

The sofa table is so nostalgic! Those noisemakers...that's really wonderful they were passed on to you! Love the Santa's & your bargain $$$ paper mache one! Always so fun to see all the diff Santa expressions, shapes & textures!

The tray in the last pics of your desk is so pretty for the bkgrd! Santa & the filled wicker it all! The framed postcard print is precious, too. TFS, jane...nope, I never get overloaded on Holiday pics! Jeanne S.

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Jane, it is so wonderful that you have so many family "treasures" to use and enjoy in your decor. I always love your vignettes, but I have to say the red bench on that great shelving unit your DH built looks just fantastic. No overload here, I love seeing all your pics.


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I love, love your pictures. Jane, you are a girl after my own heart with all those Santas.
The bench is perfect on the shelf, and the picture of your DD with Santa is priceless.
You really do have some wonderful treasures!
What a treat to see them.

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Every nook and cranny decorated beautifully! A pleasure to look it.

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Jane, I thought I'd commented last night...apparently it was only in my mind, LOL. I think the way you used the little red bench is totally delightful! When I saw the photo, I thought it was really a little fireplace DH made for your display. (guess it is,now, LOL) He has a wonderful collection of old toys, and he's so darn creative with stuff he makes! Whatta Guy!!
I really like the old truck with the trees in the back of it.

And what a find in that $3 paper mache! I see lots of vintage Christmas paper mache stuff listed on eBay and its seldom inexpensive. Must be real collectible! The desk display is very pretty.

Everything looks so good, and I have looked at it half a dozen times already. I really enjoy the stories or history of things, and never get enough of that.
Those of you with traditions, or old family heirlooms, are so very lucky and I can't help but envy that. Christmas should be full of nostalgia and memories. I'm so glad I get to share yours.

hugs, Karen

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I love all of this! I really like the toy truck with the trees. I have a wooden one that I got at GdWl for $1 and I have a tree in the back of it too! We must be cosmically in tune!

You have such a wonderful collection and I love the pix of DD.
I never tire of seeing your pictures. You have so many lovely items and they are always displayed so artistically!


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Jane, enjoyed seeing all your Christmas decor. You have so many things I look forward to seeing each year. Glad you can share your space with DH and all his goodies.ha

It's a good idea to help kids see there is more to life than electronics. I love it when they want to play outside instead of playing games on TV.


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