Ice maker auger keeps rusting

Kelly_TopperJuly 8, 2012

Hi, I have a GE Profile model pti22sfmarbs refrigerator. The auger keeps rusting due to my well water I suppose. I have replaced it several times but it starts to rust in a few months making the ice unusable. Does anyone know if I can use a plastic auger instead of buying a metal one? I do not know which part number to buy. Thank you for any advice.

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I had a GE Fridge with the same problem, and I'm not on well water. In fact I had to repair the "auger" (Ice crusher in my case) several times, as GE told me they didn't have the part, even when the thing was only about a year old.

Anyway when kitchen was remodeled, got rid of the GE and got a fridge without ice/water in the door, it was just more problems (to me), than it was worth!

Sorry, as back then, I know of no replacement plastic or otherwise for the "Auger".


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To what exactly are you referring by the term "auger?" The ice ejection arm on the icemaker? Or the helix auger in the ice dispenser?

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I"m guessing the helix since every ejection thing I've seen (that which pushes the ice out of the tray) has been plastic.

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I have a GE Arctic SxS, 8 years old. Have not had a problem with the auger rusting but other aspects of the ice dispensing mechanism have been troublesome. The flapper inside the door that closes/seals the ice chute rusts and hangs open causing frost to accumulate and obstruct the chute. It has been completely clogged, again, for a month. I haven't yet bothered with clearing the clog, it's easier to open the door and access the ice tray directly.

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Thank you everyone for the replies.

Yes it is the helix auger that keeps rusting. I contacted GE via email and all they had to say was sorry and to use an inline filter (which I already have) so no help from them.

This is what I have (part # WR2X9481)

and this is what I want (part # WR17X11263)

but the issue is I do not know if the size, threads, etc are the same? All the sites I go to say my model is for the metal unit and the plastic one above is most GE refrigerators but not all. At $40 I do not want to risk it not working and I do not know of any local shops that may sell these so I can take by old one in to compare.

I guess I will take a chance with an online seller that would allow me to return it if i order the wrong part number.

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