How do you fluff artificial trees/greenery

lovesummerDecember 2, 2009

This seems like a stupid question, but what's the best way to fluff artificial trees? I did my little white tree last night and found myself kind of scratching my head about it. Do you keep the branches straight or curved? Curve up or down? All the same direction or mix it up? I ended up curving them slightly up and it looked OK. In nature, you see all variations, depending on the tree and the conditions. My main aim was to make it look full and hide the gaps--this was a 3' little cheap drugstore tree, so no great assets to begin with! With my big tree I tend to twist branch tips up to help hold the ornaments, but I always feel a little unsure about how to proceed. With garland, do you fluff everything out for maximum fullness, or angle it in one direction?

It always seems like I fuss forever but my results leave something to be desired, so I'm looking for some basic tips. Thanks!

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I love the edges of the branches to face down a bit when there is faux snow on them. In Nova Scotia the snow falls in large clumps and weighs down the tips of the branches, this reminds me of childhood visions I saw.

But, if you put some of the 'tendrils' that come on an artificial tree upwards a bit, then it reflects how the tree grows. I find this makes an 'upbeat' tree. Straight out makes the tree more 'mechanical' looking, and great for serious collectors who want to showcase their prized decorations.

I don't think you can go wrong, if it feels good to you, then go for it. Hard to tell with an artificial tree, its construction is not known (no photo) then one can only guess.

I would get something to fill in the interior of the tree to hid the very visable trunk part. Inexpensive silk flowers and greenery can do this too. A friend suggested a white feather boa for me to try in my new white tree.

If you could post a photo of what you have so far, and what you plan to hang on it, that might help others to give more advice and help you further.
Good luck with your decorating and can't wait to see how it comes out!

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