How do I clean range hood baffles?

jellytoastJuly 27, 2013

When putting baffles in the dishwasher, should I place them standing up, or lay them flat? I stood them on end in the dishwasher so that the water could run out the bottom holes (the holes where they would drain into the grease caps), but there was still grease left inside the baffles at the end of the wash cycle, even after pre-soaking them with Simple Green. I had to run them through a second wash set at "heavy-duty." I am finding that baffles are not as "easy care" as I thought they'd be. Am I doing something wrong?

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I have a 36" range hood with 4 baffle filters. Every 2-3 weeks, I'll put it in the dishwasher to clean. It's been about a year now, and as time goes on, the baffles come out of the dishwasher not as clean as they did after washing when I first got the hood.

It's all bc of the grease, smoke and heat from cooking and after a while, that stuff really gets harder and harder to remove completely.

The first time I washed the filters, they looked brand new. Now, there's still a residue. To get them sparking clean again, I scrub them by hand with a hardback sponge and then throw them in the dishwasher. I'm unable to clean the inside part of the baffle and just have to rely on the dishwasher or perhaps an overnight soak in boiling hot water and soap.

In any event, they come out clean enough and I'm still satisfied with them over the mesh filters. Those, after about a year or so, are so sticky and grease-laden, even after washing, that you'd have to continually replace them.

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My suspicion is that we should wash the baffles more often than when they look dirty. The grease film on them will slowly change into a hard film. At that point, it may take more than one pass in the dishwasher to let the enzymes in modern detergents play pacman.


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I still wash mine by hand - about every month or two- but the dishwasher really is the easier option. It probably does a better job of getting inside all the nooks and crannies, too. Also, the edges of the baffles are pretty sharp. You have to be careful handling them.

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I lay them flat and use the maximum options - pot scrubber and extra hot water and they come out good enough.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's not always about the amount of the grease on them, it's about the age of the grease on them. Old grease hardens into a shellac hard coating, even with "light" use. You've got to clean it off before it does that. "Every couple of months" isn't nearly enough. Yes, even if you're a light user. If you don't clean the grease before it hardens, a small almost invisible layer starts to not be removed and will build up over time. If you develop a schedule based on time rather than use, you'll end up much happier. The 1st and 15th, put them in the DW. That makes it easy to remember.

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I've been cleaning them once a month. I'll try a shorter interval, and will also try laying them flat in the DW next time. I also need to look for a scrub brush that will let me get into the areas inside the baffles.

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