am I correct in that I can't delete 'yahoo messenger?'

ilmbgMarch 14, 2012

I would like to delete Yahoo Messenger- I think it is just to 'chat' with people who I have no idea who they are...I'm not 12.

When I google how to delete it, it looks like I would have to delete my Yahoo mail.

Can I 'turn it off?'!!

How do these people even know that I am online- that is creepy to me?


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You can sign out of it.


This article explains how you can sign out ("turn off" or "remove") the chat/instant message (IM) feature for Yahoo! Messenger in Mail.


If you don't want to have Yahoo! Messenger running from within Yahoo! Mail, you can turn it off by signing out of Yahoo! Messenger in Mail.

How to sign out of Yahoo! Messenger within the newest version of Yahoo! Mail:

Go to Yahoo! Mail.
In the top left corner of the page, click the word Hi followed by your Yahoo! ID.
Select Sign out of Messenger from the menu.
- Your default status will now be "Offline" in Yahoo! Mail.

How to sign out of Yahoo! Messenger within Yahoo! Mail Classic:

Go to Yahoo! Mail.
Check your current status in the "Chat & Mobile Text" section in the left column below your list of folders.
If your status is "Available," "Busy," or "Invisible":
- Change it to "Offline": Click the drop-down arrow beside it and select Sign out of chat.
- Your default status will now be "Offline" in Yahoo! Mail.

Note: Yahoo! Mail saves your Yahoo! Messenger status when you leave Yahoo! Mail. When you return to Yahoo! Mail, it resumes the same status. If your last Yahoo! Messenger status was Offline, you will remain offline. You'll remain signed out until you re-activate it.

If you're still having trouble with this issue after trying these steps, you can request help from the Yahoo! Mail Customer Care team.

I can't properly post the link - GardenWeb keeps rejecting it.

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Of course you can uninstall or remove it!

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Thanks both of you. I could not sign out using the directions because I have 'classic', by the 'hi', but was able to do it down by the'folders'. It is good to know I can remove it, though- I will look for it- I didn't see it the first time. Thanks- I felt 'spyed' on because I have no idea why someone would 'want to be friends', when I don't know them and have no idea how they saw my name or anything about me! Thanks

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you need to go into your yahoo mail settings area and make sure everything is set to private, since the change over happened I had a LOT of stuff in there that was no longer set to private, I want it all set to private.

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I'm still using the OLD Yahoo and get nothing but Inbox and Spam.

I don't even see "mail settings." I do see an Options, but that is just for color, mail plus, whatever that is, and Switch to new Yahoo, which I don't want to do.


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Just found this, keep getting messages even if I uninstalled Yahoo Messenger ,searched what else is helpful, thank you Iowagirl, hope your suggestion works.


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Easiest for me when someone has ym messages problems is to turn it off in their email, use their login to my messenger and set it up to only recieve messages from contacts on my friends list.. ignore all others.. there's another few settings to ignore chat conversations etc.. Then put it on invisable & log off.

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I would like to completely uninstall it. I've been to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, but it's not listed. Is there no way to completely get this off my PC?

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Usually its not on your pc unless you install it.

If you have yahoo mail, its an integral part of the online mail website. You can click the gear on top right and choose settings and in the window that opens choose messenger on its left margin & see some settings. Make sure to push the Save button to exit that page. Then go to the little smiley face on top left of the mail webpage click the smiley & log off.

Looks like how it works.

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