which way should the shower door open?

cottonpennyAugust 12, 2012

Here's the plan of my bath. The red oval is where the shower heads and controls are located.

Builder says the door should open near the smaller vanity so that you can reach in to turn on the shower.

Glass guy says that the door should open the other way to give you better flow out the room.


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My vote goes with the tile guy, so that you have more room getting in/out of the shower. I rarely turn mine on before getting inside.

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I would go with option one (if it means the door handle is where the arrow is and the hinges on the knee wall by the larger vanity). It seems like less of a reach to the controls, and I think it's the best option to be able to open the door inward to get out of the shower or to reach a towel.

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Difficult question. I like option one because it keeps the larger vanity clear and free of door opening and closing and letting out steam - perhaps while you are drying your hair, putting on make up, and also in this position you don't have to get up and move out of the way if your significant other is coming out of shower. (I"m assuming the smaller vanity is not yours).
#2 does give better flow out of the room but also lets out steam into bedroom area if door is open. If you want vanity 2 (smaller) to be absolutely traffic free, go with 2. It depends which vanity you want to be less disturbed. Hope that helps?

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post a plan showing all the walls, not just some of them.

if you do this you will enable more context to be seen.

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I must be missing something, how does the way that the door open change how easy it is to turn the shower on? You are still entering from the same place. That said, I think option #2 is the best because it doesn't interfere with the sink like option #1 does.

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How far along are you in the process? The shower head and the controls do not need to be placed on the same wall. I would place the door as in the second image so there is no interference if someone is at the vanity. But, I would put the controls on the wall at the bottom of the image.

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Ok, hmm.

Davidro - here is the "whole area". The commode room door swing is reversed to open out from where it is drawn though.

Terriks, to lean in and turn on the shower, one would have to have the door way open past 90 degrees if we did option 2. Whereas option 1, you would only have to open it a hair to reach in.

dekeoboe - our controls and shower heads are already placed. things to think about for next time...sigh...

How important is it that you turn on the water before getting in? I've always done that, but then again I've only ever had a tub/shower combo unit. Maybe this shower is big enough to turn it on without getting a face full of cold water.

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This might not work for you, but I had the same dilemma and decided to hang a shower curtain for a while and see how I actually ended up using the shower. I used a tension rod so no holes were drilled. Now I know which way the door needs to open, but I love not having to clean a glass door so am still using mine with a shower curtain.

Is having it swing both in and out an option? If so, I'd put the hinges on the right so I could reach the controls from the outside and the swing wouldn't interfere with the flow. It could still be opened out in case of an emergency, as is required by code, I think.

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Def option 1 for me. That's basically what I have as far as shape of shower and where the controls are and it works well. Since I do turn a shower on before I get it, that trumps all other considerations for me. I see glass guy's point, but I'm not usually "flowing out of the bathroom" stark-a** naked and wet. But maybe that's just me. :)

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I was misunderstanding the drawing. Where are the door hinges in each drawing? I think it would be best if the hinges were on right side of the door. Is that #1 or #2?

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I think that's #1 terriks - hinges on the right, enter/exit on the left at the red arrow. At least that's my interpretation. I think the arrow is where you would enter/exit and the hinges are on the side opposite the arrow. If I'm wrong, I change my vote! :) Else, I'm sticking with #1.

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Oops, yes the arrow is where the opening would be...where your body would come through. Hinges on the side opposite the arrow.

DH prefers option 1 slightly.

I agree, terriks. Glass guy said door should open like option #2 so that I would have access to my vanity, but I don't really go from shower to vanity ever so not sure is that's a strong consideration.

olychick - that's a good idea, but the shape won't really work w a curtain...the side walls are pony walls and will be glass on the top half.

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