Reviews on Ikea Appliances?

pknycJuly 23, 2014

I would appreciate hearing from owners/users of Ikea kitchen appliances on what your experience has been with them.

We are looking at Ikea appliances as an option for our kitchen. We have bought Ikea cabinets, and are hoping to benefit from the 20% sale on appliances as well.

This is our first kitchen renovation, so we are not familiar with brand quality on appliances at all - is Whirlpool (the maker of Ikea appliances) a good brand? What is the service like? Is there another alternative that is in a similar price range?

We are specifically looking at a counter-depth fridge, a dishwasher and maybe (depending on final budget) a microwave and gas range.

Thank you in advance!

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I bought a suite of their appliances when I moved into my last place in 2009 and renovated the kitchen immediately--lived with them for four years.

I had one issue--the control pad on the oven failed. Luckily, because IKEA has a unbeatable 5 year warranty (seriously, the warranties offered out there are terrible except IKEA) this was replaced at no cost 3 years after purchase.

The Dishwasher did the best job and was the quietest of any I've ever owned. I did not like the Microwave solely because it had no "kitchen timer" feature, but that was really the only complaint.

We are currently in the last days of our entire house gut and remodel at our new place and my new suite of IKEA appliances are being installed. I got them with the kitchen (again) at 20% off, which is a steal. I was quite happy with the quality of my IKEA cabinets and appliances in my last home--knew where I'd be going a second time. Obviously, I appreciate a modern aesthetic so they may not be for everyone.

Hard to beat these for value, especially when considering the high-end Gaggenau-type look you get and 5 year warranty.

All this being said, I'm sure others will have their complaints but I loved mine--I hope the second batch is just as good. My only concern is my stylish looking MW is only 800watts. I didn't realize this until I had already bought it. I don't think you can even buy this low of a power output on any other brand anymore. All of the appliances were made in the USA by Whirlpool, except for the MW which was made in Sweden by Electrolux (perhaps it is more normal to have these types of power ratings over there).

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I have the Ikea counter-depth side-by-side fridge, which was also purchased at the same time as cabinets to take advantage of the 20%-off sale. It's made by Whirlpool and shares their design (and those used by other Whirlpool-owned brands like Maytag). It's a good value at that price, and the 5-year warranty is mucn better than other brands offer. Good features include reliability, LED lights all over the interior, translucent drawers and door shelves, an icemaker that doesn't take up any space in the main freezer compartment, separate water and ice dispensers (no having to move a switch back and forth to select ice or water before using a single dispenser), and a choice of two handle designs that match their cabinet handles. Disadvantages are shelves whose height can only be adjusted every 6" or so, a paucity of shelves and door bins (though you can order extras from the spare-parts department), and bins that don't slide out all the way and move a bit stiffly because they aren't on wheels or ball bearings.

Only other Ikea appliance I have is their cheap range hood, which performs typically for a cheap range hood. Their ovens, ranges, cooktops, and dishwashers are low-to-midrange Whirlpool units with European-style control panels - mediocre in my opinion. I do like their built-in microwave oven (which can fit it 24", 27", or 30" wide cabinets by using one or both of the supplied filler panels. It's the same as the much more expensive unit sold as a Kitchenaid or Jenn-Air, minus the convection or speed-cooking feature.

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for my second oven, I purchased the 30 inch electric convection (datid) oven for when i don't feel like firing up the 36 inch gas thermador. works like a charm.

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UPDATE: living with my new IKEA appliances.

As posted above, I had a great experience with the previous IKEA appliances I bought for my last home. Having been back in our completely remodeled home now for about 3 weeks, I have some comments on my new IKEA appliances.

1. Timers, where art thou? -- In the past I've loved using the kitchen timer feature of my MW and oven. I use these plus a watch to basically time everything. Well neither my oven or my MW have timer features. Very irritating. I bought a nice kitchen timer off Amazon for $30, but still.

2. Refrigerator Shelving -- Agree with poster, the Nutid S23 refrigerator is light on shelves and possible configurations.

3. Warm Fridge Water -- Unbelievably frustrated to discover the Nutid S23 refrigerator simply filters water, it does NOT chill it. I thought the refrigerator was not working properly, so I consulted the manual. It tells me "wait 24 hours" though it warns the water will never be chilled below 50° F. I waited 48 hours and the water was still not cold. I bought a pool thermometer and stuck it in the water from the refrigerator and it was 60° F. I called Whirlpool and they told me "website says cool water, not cold water. that means tap water temperature. we don't guarantee the temperature will reach 50°." I have never owned a refrigerator that doesn't chill the water it spits out (including the side-by-side IKEA fridge I bought from IKEA in late 2009 for my last house) so it wasn't even a feature I thought I even needed to check. As someone who loves cold water this is a huge disappointment. And even if I knew to ask about this, the people at the store would have no idea and there is no way to test before you buy...

4. Fog & Quality issues w/ the MW -- The day the Nutid MW oven was installed, the light inside (an LED) flashed a couple of times and burned out. I had to call in a warranty repair as this cannot be replaced by the user since it is NEVER supposed to burn out. The oven heats well. I was concerned it's low 800W power rating would be an issue, but it warms everything extremely quickly. However, anything with water or moisture in it that creates steam when cooking obstructs the view of the food as a layer of steam forms on the actual glass door of the MW. I thought this was crazy. When repair dude came out for the light issue I told him about he Fog and said "I've never owned a MW that does this" and he replied "well, this one does. It's the design of the exhaust fan being right above the door which blows the air down the glass." He looked at the unit, said he needed to order a part, would be back in 3-4 days. That was 9 days ago and I've not heard anything. Need to call them again tomorrow. But the fog thing is weird.

5. Swedish engineering degree recommended -- Besides the broken light and warm water (which is apparently by design), everything seems to work just fine. I like the performance of the appliances. I do not, however, care for how complex they are to operate. I mean it's ridiculous. The number of stupid symbols on the microwave that require consulting the operating manual or cross-referencing "food classes" is well over a dozen. To turn off the oven you press the "set" button. Or turn the control nob marked "P" to "0" setting. The word "OFF" is also printed on the oven control panel, but the dial may be set to bake or broil or convect or something at the "OFF" position because "OFF" setting is really just the active location for the dial. You start the microwave by pushing a diamond symbol. I could go on and on about this. The cooktop and the exhaust hood have similar issues. The DW and refrigerator seem the easiest. It's really quite frustrating. I like the clean Euro-look to the things, that's why I bought them. But operating them seems similar to running the A/C on a 1986 Volvo 740--lots of weird switches and symbols that just confuse everyone.

6. DW bliss -- I am in love with the Renlig integrated DW. It is SO quiet. I use the Sensor mode and I can't even hear it. That is matches my cabinets is a huge bonus. But the dishes are always clean and always dry--this is my favorite item.

7. Fan is a fan. Seems hard to align this thing straight (the Kovartig wall mounted hood extractor fan) but that could be my contractors fault or the house's fault.

8. Nutid cooktop -- what a surprise this was. Incredibly fast heating cooktop, I've never worked with an electric unit that is this good. Lots of ability to turn various heating elements on and off, and multiple burners have multi-selectable elements. Quite pleased.

I do not have experience with using high-end appliances and my comparisons are between other low-mid grade products (Whirlpool, GE Profile, and the like). So I'm sure things I think are great are no good to my Jenn Air and Wolf friends. Keep that in mind.

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Bought a whole kitchen about 6 years ago including the appliances:
$2000 their top of the line stove - convection fan runs but oven won't heat up when on convection - like one day after the warranty was up - also broken door hinge - Whirlpool can't fix it, Ikea can't fix it - sears came out about 5 times over 9 months trying to get the right parts to fix it, they gave up - apparently no one can get parts for this oven - then the glass panel fell into the broken hinge and shattered. This is so flimsy -

Dishwasher, whisper quiet - their best one, the one that is hidden behind the panel - soap dispenser broke immediately won't pop open, have to throw the soap in the bottom - steam comes out of the top - no where to vent so the front wood panel is all water stained, we have to replace it - also the door is falling apart -

the counter depth fridge/freezer is working okay so far but the freezer is tiny and we have to defrost the ice dispenser every 2-3 months cause it keeps freezing up and stops working

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I will sum it up easily. Good is not cheap. They are all mid to lower end appliances made by mass market manufacturers. Buy appliances from an appliance store not a place that sells stuffed animals to salt shakers.

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