Our Christmas Table

bonnieann925December 24, 2010

Tonight we're off to DH's mom's house for a family gathering of relatives from near and far (CA). Then we will come home, go to Midnight Mass and stay up ridiculously late. Tomorrow we'll sleep in. When we get up we'll have French Toast Casserole, which I'm about to make. We'll sip on champagne mimosa's while opening gifts.

Later in the day we'll gather for a long and leisurely meal of: prime rib, Honey Baked Ham, roasted root vegetables and white chocolate cheesecake. Then in a food coma, we'll watch a movie and stumble off to bed!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

I'm bringing this dip to my MIL's tonight:

I have since put a stump on the tree!

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Hey, we're having a French Toast Casserole for Christmas Breakfast too. Isn't it delicious!!! Your table is beautiful, but what sounds the best is you time with your family. Merry Christmas.

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You need to send that dip to me....YUMMY, and Pretty!

Your tables look wonderful, and your plans sure sound like a perfect Christmas.
Warmest Christmas wishes to you and all your family from
hugs, Karen

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Beautiful table, love that red transferware. Very pretty flatware, too.

Pat (who is taking a break, and should be doing stuff)

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I love your dishes and pretty flatware too. I agree, sounds like you have a perfect Christmas planned. Enjoy yourself and your family/friends. Merry Christmas. Luvs

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Bonnieanne, wow your table is so pretty, I love the red and white theme, I have those same dishes, they really put a smile on my face. And OH, the food photo...YUM! wish I could reach thru the computer and grab me some dip!

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Bonnieanne, Your table is just lovely, The picture of the dip makes my mouth water!! Your menu is wonderful. Sounds like a perfect Christmas.

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Your table was wonderful and I'm sure by now your coming out of your food coma. I love those dishes, thanks for sharing.

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Pretty Christmas table. Your menu always sounds wonderful. Loved seeing that dip in the bread bowl with veggies. What did you use for the tree stump? A mushroom?

It didn't seem like I was away for long on here but I'm sure behind on all my posting.


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Oh, sounds so lovely & looks the same! Your dishes are beautiful & feel very Christmas-y! I'm crunching a carrot right now with you! Yummy1 TFS! Jeanne S.

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You are all so sweet and kind. I am enjoying catching up here on the Christmas posts. This is such a fun group!

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Yeah...yeah...yeah. Beautiful table. Can we cut to the chase here and get down to business ... French Toast Recipe, Please! ;)

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See new post for the recipe Nancy. It's a really good one!

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