Help w/SubZero Condenser Cleaning

Fun2BHereJuly 30, 2012

I have an old SubZero side-by-side with the condenser on top. I clean the condenser monthly with a soft brush and a vacuum. Recently when I was having problems keeping the unit at cold enough temps, I had a service person come out. He cleaned the condenser with water and mentioned that sometimes a brush and vacuum don't get it clean enough.

My question is...should I try to clean the unit with water every other month or so? If I do, will the unit rust as there's no way to get it completely dry?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Honestly I'd call Sub Zero and ask them. Their customer service is fantastic.

I have a 501 R and 501 F that are nearly 28 years old and I've only used an appliance brush and vacuum. None of the service techs have ever mentioned using water.

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According to "what seemed to me" a "Knowledgeable former poster here, He claimed that some of the "Copper Problems" that SZ had with "Evaporators, not Condensers, as I recall, was due to the use of 2 metals, copper tubing with aluminum fins and yes moisture, particularly the kind near the sea shore, exacerbated the oxidation of the copper coils, but as I mentioned, as far as I had read, that was the evaporator coils not the condenser coils--- BUT-- as the other poster here said, "Check with SZ", better safe than sorry!

Good luck with it!


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Thanks for your replies. I will call SubZero before I start cleaning with water.

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