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nycbluedevilJuly 19, 2012

I am about to put in an order for the following appliances:

SZ 36" French door

Miele Dimension DW

Miele Chef Speed Oven

Blue Star 36" RNB with grill

Modernaire hood with 1200 cfm

Uline 1175 wine fridge

The dealer offered me either of the following: a one-year extension on three of my appliances (he originally offered on one but increased his offer to three) OR a three-year extension on five of my appliances for a total of $699.

I have never been a believer in extended warranties (at least those that I have to pay for!) and have generally avoided them like the plague. Therefore, I am leaning toward just picking three of the appliances and taking the extra year beyond what the manufacturer offers. Any views?

If I were to only take the extra year on three of the appliances, which three would you pick? My guess would be the Subzero (it is a brand new model) and the Miele DW and speed oven. I am thinking that the Blue Star has no electronics so it should not be expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Views on that?

Thanks all in advance.

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Your choices seem logical to me except that it can be perplexing to try to find out how the extended warranty interacts with refrigerator warranties where manufacturers cover different time periods for different items.

All the extended warranties that i have been able to look at --- I mean, actually get my hands on the text --- seem to be designed to work with the one-year-from-purchase warranty that is unfortunately standard for most appliance brands these days.

Some brands, (Kitchenaid, Miele and Sub Zero refrigerators being the ones I recall off the top of my head), still come with long term warranties on the sealed systems, at least. Miele's and Kitchenaid's refrigerator warranties go out ten years and SubZero goes out to twelve, at least for the sealed systems.

Specifically, on Subzero, for everything other than the sealed system (e.g., door seals, hinges, shelves, icemakers, etc.), there is a full parts-and-labor warranty for two years. For the sealed system, there is a full-parts and labor warranty for five years followed by an additional seven year limited warranty for parts, only (which gives you a total of 12 years.)

So, the question is how the dealer's extended warranty interacts with these provisions. For example, do you get a three year extension on the body parts (years 3 to 5) and another three years on the full compressor warranty (years 5 to 8)? Who keeps track of those things, the dealer or a third party service entity, or what? Can the dealer show you the extended warranty document? What can you find out about the service company. If you need a sealed system repair in, say, year 8, will subzero proivde the parts and let the service company install them? Who actually does the service under the xtended warranty?

Here is a link that might be useful: Subzero Warranty

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Extended warranties are generally a bad deal - they're extra profit for the dealer. Only ovens with electronics might be worth it. You're getting decent brands so you'll likely be fine. Save the money and use it for a repair if you need it. Also, some extended warranties lock you into a particular service company without the flexibility to get someone competent to do the repair.

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I took one on my self-cleaning double oven (electronics) and my induction cooktop (newer technology and electronics). The salesman said that cooktops are usually not worth repairing, so they usually just give you a new one under the warranty. There are lots of options in this plan for who you can call for service, and it covers full parts and labor. I will be placing a service call on my oven, and it's past the 1 year from purchase, though not yet 1 year since install. But I don't have to sweat the difference, because I have my full parts and labor extended warranty. In general, though, I assume it's like a car. It's usually all the extra stuff like power locks (on a car) that breaks. Since I get basic DW and frig, I don't really need a warranty on those. If I were getting a fancy frig with ice maker, etc, I might take one.

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To clarify my earlier post, the extra one year for three appliances is free. The $699 was for the extra three years for five appliances.

I seem to be hearing agreement with my initial inclination to pass on the option that would cost me money. (I do realize that nothing is really free, and that I could skip his offer of the extra one year and get a price break somewhere else, but his prices are really competitive so I am inclined not to try to beat him up any more on price).

Any other thoughts on which three to choose?

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I've been on GW 5 years or so, In that time, I do not recall ever seeing a post about a broken Miele Speed Oven, so I would skip that.

We have only seen a "few" posts on busticated Miele dishwashers, and in fact I've had a Miele Optima for about 6 years, and it's been trouble free (alto not used that much) to be honest.

The most important thing, should you choose to go with after market warranty on any appliance is to check out the company that will be doing the work---What is the response time for your area, do they come out, "take a look see" and then order the part, or do they stock the parts that are most likely to fail???? With a fridge, any delays could be a "Real Pita"!!!!

I tend to agree with the other posters here, "Pass" on the after warranty, warranty!
The only thing I bought same for was the Elux Icon Induction cooktop, it was new at the time, No reviews to speak of, and with a price of $77 for 5 years, I figgered why not???--but--after a couple of years, it (Like the rest of my Electrolux appliances) has been trouble free. Same for my 48" built in Jenn-Air Fridge.



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