Dish Washer will not completely shut off

jerry_njJuly 7, 2012

My approximately 4 year old (more like 2 years of use, as only two older people in our home) appears to wash/rinse normally, but continues to run when it should completely shut down.

The unit is a lower cost (about $400 at Lowes) unit with an electronic cycle control, just push buttons on the top edge (not seen when looking at unit with the door closed) and LED indicator, plus a time/infor display that tells what cycle it is in and how much time is left in the total wash period. This display is on the top face of the door and can be seen when the door is closed.

When the unit has finished washing, the infor display shows "drying" there is still a pump noise. Opening the door I can see a small amount of water coming out of the upper spray head, which stops when the door is open, it takes a sharp eye to see this flow.

If the "cancel" switch is pushed the display goes blank, but when the door is closed the pump sound will again be heard.

I've pulled the screen, under lower spay head and have cleaned it. There is I estimate 1 to 2 cups of water left standing in the pump well. I have sponged this water (very clear water) out and the problem continues.

It is my opinion that the electronic control unit has a partial failure, and it continues to apply power to the pump when it should be shut down. Any tips that would help me isolate/confirm the fault is sought.

If it is the control I see it is available from Sears parts for about $100. At that cost I don't want to just swap parts and eat the cost of any part replacement that was not necessary. Even if I can confirm the electronic program control is at fault, I my just replace the unit. I see a Whirlpool at Lowes that looks to be a model step up from what I have on sale for about $350 (a cost of $250 over the part cost for my existing unit if I have diagnosed the fault correctly. I also have no idea how difficult it is to replace the unit without any shop information - I can access a parts explosion on the Sears Web, this gives me some idea on what has to be removed to access parts.

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You've pretty much answered all your own questions. The pump is receiving power and running when it shouldn't. Could also be a shorted wire, but the door switch works (interrupts the pump circuit) so that seems unlikely in this case. It's normal for a small amount of water to remain in the sump (no dishwasher or clothes washes drains 100%), that's not source of the problem.

Repairing a 4-year-old unit that has light use is not unreasonable. often has the best price but check other sources (search by the part number) for comparison.

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