Pls Post Your Pix of Dark Cabinets/White Bathrooms

LaurieAugust 25, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I'm starting to do some preliminary design research for my main bathroom in my 1915 Craftsman home. Ideally, I would prefer it to be all white, however, two things prevent me from going in that direction.

One, is that my BF, who lives in the home and is a long term relationship, would prefer something other than all white, although he totally trusts my judgement in design. He just has a hard time visualizing and when he thinks "white" he doesn't realize all the small variations that entails. I've been showing him photos so I think he's warming up to the idea, but I wouldn't mind a compromise on this point.

Second, is that I personally want to carry forward the trim work from the rest of the home, which is dark brown. All of my baseboards, window trim and doors are either stained chestnut or have been painted dark brown. I have a thing about keeping trim consistent. I don't like transitions of that element. It makes for a cohesive feel as you walk throughout the house.

Since I also like the look of a white and dark brown bathroom, my eye is always drawn to them as well, it is equally as appealing to work in that direction.

So - I could use some photos for inspiration if anyone has them in their collection. I've seen many of all white bathrooms, and I have a few brown/white but most of those are a bit too modern in style for what I'm going for.


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Here's another good one:

Here is a link that might be useful: pps7's bath

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Thanks to both of you for those photos and link!

Shell, your bathroom is lovely. I really like your choices in the faucet and counters. Very elegant. Is the Ceasarstone you used?

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Not exactly white, but very bright -- walls are a light blue, trim and fixtures are white.

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Here's one of ours:

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These are all lovely examples. One thing that I noticed though is that none of them has dark case/trim work around the doors and windows. Some of the mirrors are dark trimmed.

I personally think that if the OP used the same style of case trim in the bath yet painted it to match the room decor color (instead of brown) it would be fine. In these examples the trim is all painted variations of white.

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Hi sivyaleah- There are some lovely photos here, but they are more contemporary and you mentioned you have a craftsman style home. Your look will be quite different. We have a 1945 home (not craftsman,lol, just old!) We did opt for more traditional materials, though, white hexagon and subway tiles. My BF is determined to build a wood vanity with some Douglas fir he has-medium tone- I am more inclined to use a white pedestal sink. We may compromise with my painting his vanity if I don't like the wood. All this said, I have seen similar materials as my white tiles with dark wood trimmings in craftsmans; they look amazing and period approriate. I just dont have photos to share. I'll post pics if I find them, but keep the faith! I think you are absolutely on the right track! PS what are you thinking for countertop?

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Thanks for the photos everyone.

It seems to be difficult to find photos of the trimwork in a dark color. So many people in older homes paint it over white. I don't know why. I'm not fond of the look myself, although for some homes it works well but for a Craftsman, it just seems out of character - at least to me. Especially since my home is not a wood frame house; it's made of terracotta block, with stucco over. It has a "heavier" feel to it and the darker tones go better with it as far as the woodwork is concerned.

Having said that, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if I went lighter than I want for trim work. The only thing is I paid a lot of money to stain all the (new) windows recently - 27 of them, a sort of dark walnut. I really wouldn't want to change that but I think it would look ok if the surrounding sill/framing was painted lighter - although not a bright white. I'd just have to be mindful of the tone, so that the stain doesn't wind up standing out *too* much.

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JS - our posts crossed!

Yes - most of these are too modern for what I'm trying to achieve, although quite nice and give me an idea of what the look is.

I currently have 4" x 4" tile, with a mosaic floor - black, white and lilac of all things. I have another thread here with pictures - the thread title has the words "1915 Craftsman" in it and it's still rather high up on the thread list I think. It's quite something lol. It's quite vintage, but falling apart terribly and I don't think we can salvage much of any of it. The tub is an old beauty, but has already been painted over at least once (it too is now black). It may be worth saving since neither of us are really bath people, and it's deep and pretty large it seems (we've never used it - there are "issues" underneath it which we don't trust, even though they were repaired when our kitchen ceiling was open). We could have it refinished again, but it may not be worth the cost in comparison to purchasing a new tub.

The tile, well - like I said, originally we thought we would be able to make use of it but now I'm considering just donating it to Habitat for Humanity. Had it been in good condition, I would have lived with it for the kitsch factor, but since it's now gone too far into disrepair - there's no point in salvaging it.

I would like, white subway tile, mixed with some marble. A hex floor would be my first choice, possibly black and white. We had to re-do our shower prior to moving in - it was totally not usable (in fact, it was leaking into the kitchen). We did white subway tiles inside it with a black and white hex floor. I love the way it looks, but the shower is really kind of on the small side, although functional. I'm of two minds about this. To save money - I could live with it. But, of course, I'd prefer a roomier space. I don't need a glass shower - in fact, it may not be such a good thing for us because we're both lazy and I really don't see either of us grabbing a squeegee after each shower to wipe it off. It would be great, however, to be able to figure out a way not to have to use a shower curtain. I really am beginning to dislike those a lot.

If I left it, carrying the subway tile through the rest of the room is preferable. I had already purchased a new toilet; a Toto - don't remember which one it is but it's got an old world look to it.

Ideally, I want pedestal sinks. Or, if it has to be one sink (haven't gotten around to a floor plan yet), than a large vanity with good storage in it. Counter, I'm leaning to Ceasarstone in a light color, marble-like, since I have it for my kitchen counter and am very pleased with it thus far. It's battle-proof, which I value in a material. My BF, is really messy, forgetful and not good a wiping up after himself at times and I need a material for the counter which can easily be cleaned and won't stain.

I love marble, but I don't quite think it feels "Craftsman", unless I use it in small doses.

Currently, my tub is under a window, the shower across the room. The sink, across from the tub next to the linen closet. Ideally, I'd like to move the tub to where the sink is currently, and put the sink(s) under the window. There's enough room for the sinks in that position, but I'm not sure yet if I can do a shower AND tub on the other side of the room; it may have to be a traditional tub/shower instead. Toilet has to stay put - way too much money to move that - the stack runs into the kitchen, and I've already had too many issues with that whole thing and spent several thousand dollars fixing it for that position :(

I think I'm going to try and get over to the designer that did my kitchen - just have to find time for us to measure the space up correctly. He knows me really well, and is quite patient with me since he knows I usually come in with a lot of my own ideas (I work in architecture). I just like doing a lot of pre-planning, as most of us here do, before I walk in the door so I can avoid taking up too much of his time:D

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Or go with your plan to do the darker trim, if it doesn't work you could always paint it later. It really is an opinion isn't it? Sometimes I really hate giving my opinion because someone else's idea may get squashed, and that "other idea" may be perfect. I grew up in a house, during the 50s-60s, that was built earlier than a craftsman style. The living room and dining room were natural wood while the kitchen and bathroom was painted trim. I don't know when that happened, it may have been a re-decorating strategy done before we moved in the early 50's.

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I appreciate everyone's input. Sometimes, you can't see the forest for the trees, as they say. When it comes to things like design, it is all subjective, so hearing someone else's opinion can spark something you didn't think of. May not be exactly what they suggested, but a jumping off point.

As long as you don't tell me I'm cooking something wrong. Then we have a problem :D

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sivyaleah, The counter and tub surround are both polished marble in my bath.

We used to live in a craftsman bungalow that had all its original wood. The built in china cabinet, the bookcases, etc. All wood trim except in the bathroom where it had all been painted white. I never thought much about it until now.

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Shell - you know, now that you mention it, I wonder if in bathrooms it would be different. I know that the Victorians for instance, valued cleanliness highly (not that other people don't of course) and associated "white" with being extremely hygienic. This went for kitchens at one point and certainly bathrooms.

So, in a bathroom, everything being white, including trim, probably would make some sense.

Maybe I'm over thinking this by trying to keep that element dark.

See, this is why it's good to keep talking about it :D

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Although the walls are not white (they're BM Mt. Saint Anne), the ceiling trim, plumbing fixtures, and tiling are all in the white family (ceiling and trim are all BM White Dove and tile is honed calatta gold in 9" x 18").

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Lovely bathroom Kevin. I love the wall color - sort of a dusty grayish blue and the wainscotting is another element I'm considering instead of tile for the walls. I like the way you managed to meld together an old world feel of the vanity with some modern touches (the light fixture). Very nicely done - I like this a lot!

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Do a google image search for 'craftsman bathroom" and a few with dark wood trim around windows/doors will come. Not very many.

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