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creekdwellerDecember 14, 2011

It was this time last year we were getting ready for Mama's surgery, not knowing she would not come home from the hospital.

So, I am just trying to keep busy to keep from going insane!!

I am already crazy..

Hope I am not boring you all with my pictures.

Karen, and I know there were alot more that was going thru the same thing last year.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.


Here is a link that might be useful: Merry Christmas!

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Marlene Kindred

Nope, not boring to me! I love seeing everyone's stuff! Love the candycane decorations in the big basket! Your kitties are very cute too....they look like they like to check everything out while you're working, right?

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Oh that 1st pic of your singing cats!!! So CUTE!!! I love pics, creek! TFS more! Your candy cane basket is so Christmas-y!...bright & cheerful! & that bow on the gumball! Fun decor! Jeanne S.

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This is all so pretty.
Your memory ornie is very touching. I wish you only happy memories!
The candy cane basket is calling to me! The big tree is beautifully done and I really like the little white tree with the package decor.

Keepng busy is good therapy and it sure looks like you have been busy!


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Creek, looks like your kitties are a special part of your life. They are always there when others can't be huh? So sorry hear you won't have DM to share your Holiday season with. Love the picture ornament you made with dear parents picture.

That big gum ball machine all decorated is awesome. I always wanted one but never bought one. What a clever idea to add Christmas Balls!

Love your candy cane arrangement! So full and beautiful. I will keep looking as long as you keep posting.


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I absolutely laughed out loud at the Twins "singing". What a great shot of them! And one of the cutest photos I've seen of cats. Be great on a Christmas card! They are not only beautiful, apparently they are talented too. LOL.

Bow Envy hit me hard when I saw your decorated gum ball machine! Did you make that huge bow? And that candy cane arrangement is wonderful. I immediately pictured our Candy drooling on her keyboard over it. LOL.

Thank you for remembering this time last year with my Dad.
He went into the hospital due to wrong medicine right at this time! We were lucky he came home and we had him for Christmas, a memory I will cherish the rest of my life! But
I had no idea we only had 6 wks left with him. Hard to believe a year has passed since then. I know you feel the same over losing your Mom.
Staying busy, and celebrating them this Christmas, is something we NEED to do. (sure is hard tho).

hugs from the heart,

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Thanks everyone.. Karen You have the twins personalities to a T. They are quite entertaining. But, you have cats, so you understand the cat language.

Punk, My babies are my life. I was never able to have children, so every minute of every day is spent with them. And yes, they are always there for you no matter what. And they know somehow how you are feeling.

UUHH, yes I did the bows. I bought the gumball machine years ago at a garage sale for $5. Used it a couple of times at Christmas , but never bowed it up. Actually I have another one. It has gum in it. They are just alike and are the heavy metal kind. Think I had to pay $20 for the second one. What a rip off..LOL

"Staying busy, and celebrating them this Christmas, is something we NEED to do. (sure is hard tho)."

You couldn't be any more right.


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