GE Cafe vs LG vs Bosch

inkjsJuly 29, 2013

Hi everyone,

Longtime lurker, but first-time poster. I appreciate everyone's insight and so I'm hoping you can help me with what feels like a huge, overwhelming decision. My wife and I are in the process of beginning a major kitchen renovation of our 1951 home that includes tearing down walls and blowing open the space.

Our appliance budget is under 10k, and we've narrowed the list of cooktops and wall ovens to the following. (We aren't installing a hood vent because it won't work with our space, so before anyone suggests that or tells me why it's better, please know that we've thought a lot about it and decided that we don't want to obstruct our views into the LR. We entertain a lot and have a large family in the area, so we won't be changing our minds on that.)

I'd love your perspectives, experiences on the brands. All have great reviews online and Consumer Reports and so we're really torn.

Bosch 30" gas cooktop, model NGM8054UC
Bosch 30" electric convection oven, model HBL5450UC
GE Cafe 30" gas cooktop, model CGP350SETSS
GE Cafe 30" electric convection oven, model CT918STSS
LG 30" gas cooktop, model LCG3091ST
LG 30" electric convection oven, model LWS3010ST

Thank you for any and all help, recommendations!

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