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jerry_njMarch 13, 2014

I install a Roku set top box that enables my old standard definition TV to connect via my WiFi to the internet for streaming video.

The next step in my mind would be to be able to connect my computer to the TV via WiFi/Roku and then be able to stream from my computer - e.g., Youtube which is not available on Roku 2, the last version that works with SD TV.

I was put on to the PLEX vai a Youtube how-to and ran into a number of problems - anyone here successfully running PLEX? I include using it just to display still pictures from your computer picture file... being able to get PLEX working.

This morning when I turned on my Laptop it seems PLEX had inserted itsel in the bootup sequence. Then I couldnt even get my ISP up - may have been an ISP problem as after uninstalling PLEX I still had trouble getting my ISP. A few minutes later I was able to connect to the ISP.

Looking for all general advice on the PLEX Media application, it would be great to be able to connect my computer to the TV vial my WiFi LAN.

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My suggestion is to always uninstall any software that doesn't do what you want or that disrupts what you do normally do.

Better yet, don't download unknown software it in the first place.

Why would you want to use an SD TV for anything? If this is your main TV, buy a new one with HD, they're cheap and come with more apps and connectivity than old ones have. If for a PC monitor, new ones are also HD and cheap.

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Hum, thanks all good advice. In fact I have a smaller 24" I think, 6 mo old Smart LCD TV. That's what got me going on streaming media over my WiFi. That too needs something extra if I want to watch Youtube on it, something that will take my PC output - perhaps it will, I think now while typing. but that would be HDMI (or whatever) not WiFi. Or maybe Netflix or some other pay-for application will make a deal with Youtube. That's all that is missing for me right now. I use that for my reference for all things I'm thinking about buying or fixing - except, of course, computer - for that I come here : )

As it turns out so far, I am not in any "need" for pay-per-view movies, which I can get streaming to my HD TV or to my Roku equipped SD TV (more like a 30") that works fine - I don't get a "kick" out of HD most of the time... especially not if watching Youtube : ) I am not much of a movie "goer" either - so computer stuff on my TV from my laptop is my current "need".

I uninstalled Plex, but I am not sure yet what the problem was, it may have been my ISP was in overload, or having "one of those days".

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Okay, while I still like the idea of PLEX giving me PC connection to my WiFi - thus to my TV via Roku, I tested my Notebook (Toshiba Windows 7) connections to my existing 24" LED HDTV.

When connected between the VGA 15 pin (I think) connectors and picking "RGB" for my input channel on the HDTV my computer display came up very nicely. Of course I have to get audio separately, Then I tried the HDMI connection and found after some difficulty W7 and/or Toshiba will support only two displays - thus with the Notebook screen on and my VGA desk LED display on the HDTV shows a "no signal" for the HDMI. I didn't test to see if the setup would support HDMI and Desktop Displayl (Notebook top closed).

I then, after some problems with some long winded W7 updates finally rebooted the Notebook and disconnected the VGA connection. The HDTV picture and Sound come up on the HDMI input - all worked great. Happily I had a 10' HDMI cable on hand - a spare one.

This will work, but I need to replace the old living room SDTV or get PLEX working - better get both.

I am now looking at at 28" Sansui that is sale priced. It has three HDMI inputs, great, one could go to the Roku, one for the hanging cable for connection to my Notebook W7, and Laptop W8, and still have a spare HDMI which could go to an updated Cable Set Top. And there is still a VGA, I'll likely not use. .

My existing SDTV is a 27", and so the 28" LED HDTV has a longer diagonal (really 27.5") but due to the 16:9 aspect ration has a few less square inches of screen, which affects only signals with the older TV aspect ration, whatever that is.

Interested in any view/questions.

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