best unit that is a microwave and an oven

maggiebkitJuly 8, 2013

Don't have room for double ovens and a microwave, so want to get something that acts as both a microwave and oven. What are my choices? The only one I knew about is the advantium. Any others out there?

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There are a few others.

The Advantium has a third source of heat, a light bulb, that also browns food.

The others are just that a MW plus conventional oven.

People like their Miele and Electrolux speed ovens.

I researched and researched but in the end decided I did not have enough room for one in my kitchen. I wanted one in addition to two ovens and MW not in substitute.

If I did get a speed oven I would wave gotten GE Profile or maybe Monogram if could find one for the same price as Profile. They are they same save for the door skin and handle.

Below is a like to a list of available speed ovens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Thanks deeageaux!
That post was exactly what I was looking for!
So if I decided between profile oven and adventium and electolux oven and speed oven?
Any thoughts?
Maybe I'll make a new post.

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It comes down to what exactly you want out of the oven. I don't remember all the details from when I was looking but if you could outline your needs, it would help those in the know. I believe the saleman said speed was the biggest advantage of the Advantium, and it's cooking method is different so you can get away from using microwaves if you want to.

I ended up with a GE micro/convection and love it. My needs are probably pretty simple but I get a small bake oven that serves my needs when I don't have room for one. It seems to work pretty well, imo. Don't have to heat up the big oven. Heats quickly. Things get crisp, baked, not like a micro.

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snookums2, can you post the model number please?

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Thanks snookums2! I didn't even know that micro/convection was an option. We want a microwave and would like it to have capabilities as an oven as well. We have double ovens now, but one has been broken for over a year and we haven't missed it. Will look into micro/convection as well.

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The advantage of the Advantium is speed.

We are talking speed ovens right?

The standard speed oven takes a longer for the food to brown or crisp.

The Advantium can go faster because that high powered bulb browns/crisp the food.

BTW from GW Poster lee676 on 120 vs 240 Advantium

Get the 240.

The 240v Advantium just unplugs too. The plug is the same as an electric dryer plug, and the oven itself fits into the same size cabinet cutouts as the 120v version.

The 120v speed oven function is vastly inferior, because it relies heavily on microwaves to cook and only has enough power available for 500 watts from its halogen light element vs. 2400 watts for the 240v model. So not only is the 120v slower, but food cooked in it will have more of the soggy "microwaved" taste and texture, since it's the halogen bulbs that provide the crispiness. That's because the 240v not only runs on twice the voltage, but also twice the amperage (30a instead of 15a). Since watts = volts x amps, the 240 has 7200w available to it rather than 1800w.

Both are quite roomy inside, enough for second-oven duty IMO.

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powermuffin, mine is a GE Profile. It has a convection bake and convection roast feature. I have only used the bake. I can burn things to a crisp just like in a big oven, lol. (Only happened once, it's easy to use).

The only thing I don't like is the stainless interior & dark glass door because it's so dark you can't really see inside when it's running. My other had a white interior and I could watch as it cooked.

One thing I remember on using the Advantium to, say, roast a chicken or cook a hamburger. It is very enticing, but apparently afterwards you have what is a grease explosion to clean up. So, the unit is kind of like a nasty pot to clean after use. I also didn't like the idea of all that spatter getting up in the holes in the ceiling of the unit. Maybe it just cooks off, I don't know, but not being able to clean that kind of crud out was unappealing. The holes were larger than usual, as I recall.

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I saw an Advantium demo at a home show in the Pacific NW when they first came out. I thought it was fantastic and decided when I was ready to remodel "this old house" I would get one. I have never had a double oven and find the microwave a poor cooking appliance. It is more of a reheat thing. At holidays a second oven comes in very handy. The Advantium serves that function to a T. I purchased it in 2000 and at that time I think they only had the 240 V which is what I have. I find clean up to be very easy. A soapy rag and the stainless interior is clean. The top glass area gets brown from burned on grease but they provide a holder with razor blade and it just scrapes off. Done. How much easier can it get!. If I want to microwave something, it has that ability as well. You have to be cognizant and remove the metal tray and replace it with the microwave white tray and of course it is a different function button.
While speed is not the main issue, it does cook a full chicken in 20 minutes and one baked potatoe in 5 minutes. I don't have to do a long preheat in the regular oven. Bread can go into the speed cook section and come out like warmed bread. Microwave bread, you better eat it fast as it will be hard as a rock very quickly.
Over the years I have done my side dishes for holiday dinners; ie stuffing, potato casseroles and so forth. When my regular oven went on the fritz, I cooked everything in the Advantium speed cook function.
In 2000 I thought they were quite expensive and don't know what they cost now. I wanted a stainless exterior which the sales man said would be another $400. I was at the point of pushing back at all of the absurd costs and got a black door which fits in just fine.
I frequently make pizza and to reheat it is fantastic, comes out as if you just made it. Obviously you can tell I am a fan. It is one appliance I use constantly. The microwave portion is used to cook bacon (on paper plates) heat water and pop corn. The rest is done on the
Advantium speed cook. If/when it breaks, I will be rushing out to purchase another one.

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I'm looking at a Jenn-Air built-in microwave /speed cook. (30"). Does anyone have info on this one? I have little kids, and find that I do most of my cooking in the toaster-oven, ha ha. My sales rep says this could essentially replace my toaster as well as be a microwave and small second oven. True? Would love to get the toaster off of my countertop...but not sure I'm willing to splurge. Cost is $1900.

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We recently got a Jenn-Air combination wall oven, with a convection/regular oven below, and a microwave/convection unit above. It's their "V2" series, so called because there are two fans in the main convection oven. Number is 3430 (with letters before and after), if I recall right.

The upper microwave unit has a broiler-type heating element on the roof of the microwave, and so the upper unit can be used as either a microwave, or a small convection oven. I have to confess that we have only been using it as a microwave so far. I would think that there is a stand-alone Jenn-Air microwave/speed cook unit that is basically the same.

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Was looking through the manual on my GE Profile microwave/convection combo oven. The convection bake and roast does not use any microwaves. There is a fast bake feature that uses a combination of microw & bake, cooking 25% faster than the regular oven feature. It also has a warming function. The unit gets great reviews.

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