Has any1 build Wall Mounted Faucets?

pbx2_gwJune 4, 2012

Thinking about doing our bathroom vanities with Wall Mounted Faucets.

Would it be costlier than just sink or vanity mounted?

What possible costs should I be considering?

Something like this:

Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

or this:

Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect Sutton Suzuki Architects

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We thought about it. You have to be sure you have access to the faucet in case of a leak, or to replace. That generally involves cutting out sheetrock, etc. It is virtually impossible in some instances, such as where it will be on an outside wall.

I would say a wall mounted faucet is more expensive than a standard faucet, just in general - plus you have the extra installation and maintenance type issues.

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I don't know if these fixture prices carry over to sinks, but I have a wall-mounted tub faucet and wanted one with a built in handshower. The cheapest one I could find was over $1000 (a similar model for a deck mount was $300).

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I have no idea what they cost, but I was in a house that had them last week and they look fantastic! :)

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i am doing several wall mount faucets. i like them because it will declutter the counters for us. I am not being charged any extra for the installation by our gc. it takes some advance planning though because you have to determine the faucet location during rough plumbing while with a normal faucet, you have some room for error since it sits on your counters. so you have to decide exactly what height you want the faucet to go well before you have cabinets, etc., which i found to be a little challenging. also, the faucets themselves can cost more depending on the model because some faucet models require a mixing valve behind the wall like a shower. But other models do not have this requirement and just hook up directly to the hot/cold.

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We are doing wall mounted faucets in our master bathroom. I think they look cool plus I am hoping it will keep stuff up off the counters. Our GC isn't charging us extra for the wall mounting, but the faucets were probably a little pricier than a comparable deck mounted one. He is doing all the figuring in terms of length and height, so I hope it works out well.

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thanks for the feedback every1!

@cottonpenny : Wow, you are going to really have a nice looking bathroom.

Is the wall mounts on an outer wall or inner?
I guess what I am earing is that the additional costs comes from having to insulate that area if it's in an outer facing wall & God forbid, we haven't even talked about water leakage.

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My experience with wall mounted faucets is that the faucets themselves are usually more pricey as are the values required. Pretty much 100%. As far as access goes - you would have to go in from the front should the faucet fail (which is pretty standard with tubs. If you don't plan on remodeling for more than 15 years or so - having access from the back side is a good idea - but not aways feasible. PS I do use them all the time.

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Bridget Helm

we are having to use a wall mount tub faucet because our builder refuses to put a floor mount.

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We did wall mount in one bath and I love it. You need to specify early for the plumbing rough in. The height above counter and sink if you do a vessel sink must be determined. You also need to think about the reach of the faucet so it matches the sink dimensions appropriately. Our plumber did not charge more. We chose a TOTO faucet and it was reasonable. There are many economical choice available from plumbing supply online. Buy a decent one because it is hard to access if there is a failure.
Go for it if you like the look.

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